1. SteveW SteveW United States says:

    I have a female Springer Spaniel dog, who is AKC registered she has been with me since she was a puppy.

    I have often been amazed at how this dog, which is the third Springer Spaniel I've had in my lifetime - has the ability to 'associate' and 'memorize' certain words or actions that she sees me say or do.   Such as:  Whenever I intend to go somewhere in my vehicle, I have a habit of grabbing a stainless steel drink mug that I usually fill with ice cubes and blue Gatorade to take along with me on my trip, whether it be a short trip to the grocery store or anywhere else.  As soon as she sees me pick up that drink container and hears me dropping ice cubes into it, if she's in the house - she will immediately rush to the back door and wait, showing a clear anticipation of my impending departure.  If she's outside, her hearing is such that she can actually hear and recognize the sound of ice cubes dropping into that drink container and she will start whining and barking and raising a big ruckus, to let me know that she knows I am about to leave and that she hopes she can go with me.

    This is only one of the many other scenarios that this Spinger Spaniel seems to have stored away inside her head whereby she demonstrates the ability to form and remember 'associations' - that tell her, if he does this, then that means --- he is going to do this next.   This never ceases to amaze me and it is a clear indication that, simply by observing my behavior - she is able to almost read my mind and react accordingly.

    Blacks and many other non-whites who manage to live inside a historic White nation - alongside and able to observe the behavior of a race who is, on average, of higher intelligence than they might be - can, to some modest degree, be able to mimic some of those behaviors and benefit from being able to form associations in their less intelligent brains between mimicking the positive behaviors and the positive results that come their way as a result of their copying a certain behavior which leads to success or which yields positive results.

    The problem is - is that the vast majority of Blacks and other non-whites do not have this ability and are therefore not able to assimilate into White Western societies in such a manner as to not be a negative influence within it.    Instead, they follow their natural, genetically engrained instincts and behave as they would if they were in their natural habitat, i.e., if they were in Africa or whatever other third world, non-white nation where their race and people are dominant.   This creates an increasingly dangerous and potentially explosive degree of volatility within every historic White European nation which these nation destroying, clearly anti-white and intensely hostile, alien ruling elites have imposed - without the consent or approval of their  native White populations - the curse of multiculturalism and multi-racialism.    Never in world history has any multicultural, multi-racial civilization been successful over the long term - and they all have descended into horrible and extremely violent and bloody ethnic warfare between the various ethnic and racial groups as a result of the conflict and competition that arises between them.

    America will be no different - this is the future that our hostile and alien ruling elites are charting for White European people - in literally every historic White European nation.

    So, need I point out who should get top priority for 'counseling' once this ethnic conflict kicks off?

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