1. Black Supremacist Black Supremacist   says:

    Barnes (1972) noted that the Stanford-Binet, and the Wisc IQ tests are examples of “Culture specific tests,” and that the culture in this instance is what is referred to as “white middle class” culture. Lyman (1970) designed a cross cultural test called the “American Cross Culture Ethnic Nomenclature Test”, or “ACCENT.” The instrument contained 20 black biased and 20 white biased items. In one experiment this test was administered to 110 undergraduates (91 whites and 19 blacks) where it was found that the black participants out performed the white participants. Blacks obtained a mean of 15.3 on the black items and 11.1 on the white items, while white subjects obtained a mean of 12.7 on the white items and 8.3 on the black items. The results of this study indicated that when blacks and whites are tested cross-culturally that blacks may outperform whites on standardized tests.

    Williams and Rivers (1972b) showed that test instructions in Standard English penalize the black child and that if the language of the test is put in familiar labels, without training or coaching, the black child’s performance on the tests increase significantly. Ideally a child’s language development should be evaluated in terms of his progress toward the norms for his own particular speech community (Cadzen, 1966); however, this kind of evaluation is rarely, if ever, done with respect to African Americans. Studies using sentence repetition tasks have found that at both third and fifth grades white subjects repeated Standard English sentences significantly more accurately than black subjects, while black subjects repeated nonstandard English sentences significantly more accurately than did white subjects (Marwit et al, 1977). Students in American schools are usually taught and tested only in Standard English, which can put African American students at a disadvantage. In fact, this issue was at the center debates concerning the use of Ebonics in the American school system during the 1990s.

    Researchers provide considerable evidence showing that traditional psychological assessment is based on skills that are considered important within white, western, middle-class culture, but which may not be salient or valued within African-American culture (Helms, 1992; Helms, 1997; Hilliard, 1995; Boone et al, 2007; Teng and Manly, 2005). Kwate (2001) argues that IQ tests are antagonistic and incompatible with an African centered conception of intelligence and mental health, while a study by Obiakor and Utley (2004) showed that culturally diverse learners are often excluded in educational programs in the U.S. through misidentification, misassessment, miscategorization, misplacement, and misinstruction-misintervention. When test stimuli are more culturally pertinent to the experiences of African Americans, performance improves (Hayles, 1991; Williams and Rivers, 1972b). For example, research shows that “Black Culture” depicts problem solving as an integrative hemispheric endeavor rather than a linear, analytical process (Bell, 1994), and that in this culture "psychological closeness" is necessary for one’s involvement in the phenomena which he seeks to understand.

    Studies using empirical methods also find that cultural differences in the provision of information account for racial differences in IQ scores. Fagan and Holland (2007) asked African-Americans and white Americans to solve problems typical of those administered on standard IQ tests. Half of the problems were solvable on the basis of information generally available to either race, or on the basis of information newly learned; while other problems were only solvable on the basis of specific previous knowledge. In this study specific knowledge varied with race and was shown to be subject to test bias (Fagan and Holland, 2007).

    • jon jon United States says:

      I'm just going to try and make this as simple as possible. Why is it that all over the world blacks live a poor quality of life. Whenever I see feed the children commercials I don't see white people. If you want to blame white people for slaving black people I have this to say, maybe if you weren't so stupid we wouldn't have been able to slave you in the first place. It's always the white man holding you back. How about you stop acting like children and take responsibility for your stupidity.

      • Adrian Stewart Adrian Stewart United States says:

        If you remember your colonial history Caucasians also dominated China, India, and Japan also. Now you claim higher incidence of intelligence to them. You Caucasian are deathlessly infear of the rising Asian tide. Doesn't that have an element of hypocrisy to it.
        Maybe because of colonial domination, which was made possible by the use of gun powder (the , gun and cannon), Caucasians dominated.
        There is Caucasian poverty all over this world. Wherever you are there are Caucasian street people. Every European Country has it's own Appalachia(s). And I guess that you are ignorant of the terms de facto and de jure racism.
        Please take responsibility for your own ignorance.

        • Ken Brown Ken Brown Australia says:

          Your comment actually supports his argument. Yes, whites did reign over these countries at various times throughout history but these people went on to contribute great things to society and are generally considered to be capable intelligent people. The blacks have no excuse.

        • Babak Navabi Babak Navabi Saudi Arabia says:

          China was at one point in time far superior in technological achievement ( gunpowder, paper, ship building, etc. etc. ) than any Caucasian country. The emperor decided that non-Chinese were barbarians and it is better nothing to d with them lest they become polluted.  They burned all the ships and isolated themselves.  It was the isolation ( like in Japan) and imposed uniformism that prevented them to benefit from new ideas and thus fall behind technologically.

          • Michael Stewart Michael Stewart United States says:

            This is the usual explanation for China's lagging the West for several hundred years, but it seems to suggest  that the Chinese would have progressed as the West did if the emperors had not decided to isolate China -- but China did not progress and the West did, without contributions from China. Some Western inventions made it into China, and the Chinese did nothing with them. Your explanation may satisfy you but it begs the question why the West progressed for several hundred years and China did not.

            • jhon jacson jhon jacson Canada says:

              Because europeans had each other to compete with and war with and they also competed with north africa and the middle east. China was and Japan were wholly isolated, and if you look into japanese history, the moment they started opening up to the west they got a huge tech upgrade, then they closed their borders to any non japanese and then they opened up again and now they are a technological superpower. Isolation breeds stagnation no matter which culture it is.

          • Henry Stoneking Henry Stoneking United States says:

            Is always asking white scientists to come and help them design anything, such as trains.  They steal intellectual property.  No asian country is known for creativity, which Whites seem to have a stranglehold on.  Asians have small brains.  Women have small brains which also shows how, when they act irrationally, we should accept them as being a smaller brained creature.  Handling stress seems to be a weakness for the small brained races, and women.  They just lose control of their emotions, and lash out at others.  White brains are so much larger than any other race, to state that Asians have the biggest brains is simply more antiwhite racism, and people being scared of the truth.  Inventions are all white people/men.  The best writers.  The best musicians.  The best athletes.  There is no comparison.  But this does not mean that all other races have no value; they merely have smaller brains.

        • Steve Konrad Steve Konrad United States says:

          Have you seen the level of poverty all over China still, not to mention the over population.

      • Xzanaith B Xzanaith B United States says:

        If they hadn't sold their unwanted members of the tribe and those they kidnaped to us they wouldn't have anyone to blame now would they? I guess they would have to make up some more anti White propaganda.

    • Stefan van Westing Stefan van Westing Netherlands says:

      "The instrument contained 20 black biased and 20 white biased items. In one experiment this test was administered to 110 undergraduates (91 whites and 19 blacks) where it was found that the black participants out performed the white participants. Blacks obtained a mean of 15.3 on the black items and 11.1 on the white items"

      I would like to know what those specific questions were, since black students always get simplified tests in school and whites are simply measured with a higher standard.

      The "black" questions

      1 is the earth a sphere ... or a cube shape ?

      2 If john has 8 skittles, and gives 4 skittles to a friend, how many skittles does john still have left ?

      3 what animal has a green color, a Frog, or a Shark ?

      etc. etc. etc.

      the "white" questions were probably more to the grade of rocket science and advanced physics.

      Those "white" questions were probably to the likes of nuclear fusion/fission, complex mathematics, chemical components etc.

      just like school tests are simplified to make blacks pass the test ... this does not mean blacks are as competent as ... or more competent than whites since their study material tends to be several grades below the "white" study material.

      • Kissy Nonya Kissy Nonya United States says:

        John still has 8 skittles. He stole them back from the friend!!

        But seriously I have to wonder as others have before me, why black countries have always been so bad off and starving regardless of the fact they have abundant natural resources. I mean, if you watch a National Geographic segment you can see dinner run right by them...pathetic, actually,

        Anyone else notice also that blacks generally are very quick to anger, are obnoxious, etc? Even black adopted children seem different and extra loud. Also, is it possible that the claim black serial killers are not abundant because the "white man" is the crazy one actually wrong and the truth is blacks just have no concept of the patience and premeditation it takes to carry out those heinous acts?

    • Babak Navabi Babak Navabi Saudi Arabia says:

      Yes, there may be certain built in bias in some tests, but what the article in question is essentially stating is that even if corrected for such biases Afro-Americans, and especially Sub-Sahara blacks scored on average lower than whites and East Asians and that this lower score directly correlates to their lower brain mass compared with Whites, in the same manner as the intelligence of whites and their brain mass compares with those of East Asians.

    • Stephen Pollington Stephen Pollington United States says:

      Utter RUBBISH!
      If your theory held true that blacks underperform on IQ tests due to cultural-specific test questions then why are American Asians and foreign Asian exchange students outperforming both whites and blacks on the so-called "Cultural specific tests"
      Your theory is far-leftist, equal outcome, utopian garbage, and propaganda...

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