1. trevor kidd trevor kidd Canada says:

    I would add that the problem of IQ gaps is largely genetic due to environmental and evolutionary factors over the last 60,000 years. It is well established that modern humans evolved  in Africa around 200k years ago. Those proto-moderns that left the more stable and warm climate of Africa and slugged it out in Ice-age Europe have these extreme environments to thank for their propensity for higher AVERAGE intelligence. Pressure to survive exceedingly long Ice-age winters selected for the truly hardy and bright among the limited survivors. It was natural selection that helped "over-represent" the survivors with sharp minds, the dull never had a chance(they would have not been able to cope with -40 winters and little food). Of note,  4% of non-African DNA is neanderthal. I think the mutations and selective forces allowed more of the ancient homo-sapiens in Ice-age Europe and Asia to unconsciously select for intelligence, instead of their ability to dance or for bravery. To assume the Human brain stopped evolving 50-100k years ago, makes absolutely no sense, especially since mankind was extremely isolated and small in number in the relevant time period.  One must remember our own emergence from the jungles to the more challenging African Savannah allowed us to evolve at a rapid rate, while our closest relatives, chimpanzees,  remained MUCH CLOSER to our common ancestor. The same evolutionary pressures that  allowed our brains to quintuple in size over chimps in Africa are the same conditions that caused a minor, but significant split in humanity from those who remained in less-challenging environments, to those who survived and prospered in difficult ones  

    I realize this isn't exactly politically correct, but it does seem to make sense. Had the climates of Europe and Asia been similar to Africa 100k years ago to the present time, there would likely be far less difference between races as we see now (perhaps none) To bury ones head in the sand and stifle the debate not to offend anyone, actually is offensive to those who seek the truth. Maybe then we can help African countries more effectively if we know WHY they are the way they are instead of ignoring the actual problems

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