1. ORIT ORIT United Kingdom says:

    I love it how so many people on these boards proclaim their own high IQ - nobody of course is anything other than gifted...

    You do all know that 90% of all these poxy IQ Tests you have taken aren't worth Jack S***

    The truth about IQ is that when measured properly it has repeatedly been found to be the best predictor of success in an industrialised society and the differences between groups (with a massive overlap of course) has been well known for decades.

    The only thing in dispute is what percentage of those differences is genetic - clearly it is far from 100% and people can better themselves - but the idea that the differences are 100% environmental doesn't stand up to realistic scrutiny. There are obviously people on these boards that don't want to look at the overwhelming evidence in an objective way.

    The world would be an easier place to live if it wasn't so, but we can all see with our own eyes that the differences exist.

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