1. Nyder Nyder United States says:

    My thinking is that these results are related to testosterone levels primarily. Blacks have the highest average testosterone levels, whites in the middle, with east asians with the lowest.

    Lower testosterone levels will make one prone to abstract thinking while higher testosterone levels will make one prone to practical thinking. Think street smarts vs. book smarts. Whites and Asians will do better academically and thus score higher on an IQ test, but blacks will be better at dealing with the visceral world around them in a practical, common-sense manner.

    It's not that any race is more intelligent; it's that hormone levels will make one prone to different modes of thinking and understanding.

    In Africa natural selection will select those who are strong, masculine, and good at dealing with the warring nature of the tribal culture they're in. When people moved towards Europe, they had to think of creative ways to survive in the harsh environment and thus had to be more inventive.

    This is a matter of masculine vs. feminine intelligence, and masculine intelligence is not tested in IQ tests as effectively as feminine intelligence. In fact, masculine intelligence is much harder to design a test for in the first place.

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