1. Alan Alan United States says:

    Facts are facts.  Asians have the highest IQ's, then Caucasions, Latino's, and then blacks.  This is average by group.  There are of course many blacks with higher IQ's than Asians and Whites.  As an employer, I higher the best person for the job.  In all cases, I higher the person with the best work ethic combined with a high intelligence.  Nothing worse than a very smart person who is lazy.  Depending on the job, an eager less intelligent person is just not going to cut the mustard.  Intelligence is important, you just need a good balance.  Most black children have parents who do not care about education.  Education starts and ends in the home.  My neighbor has 2 children, one has a high IQ and the other has an IQ which is below average.  The parents spend a lot of extra time with their less intelligent child.  Because of this, the child is successful in school, without all the extra effort, she would fail out of school.  The difference between her and the average black child is the parents involvement.  Blacks have a high drop out rate because the parents, or should I say parent is very lazy and takes no active role in the childs educational development.  People, black or white with lower intelligence need all the extra help they can get.  I would love to see Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson take out all their hatred on the black parents and stop blaming whitey.

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