1. Hugh Cipher Hugh Cipher United States says:

    Youve also repeated Economics is not a science several times which is absurd. Do you know the math envolved with economics rivals that of engineering & physics? Saying economics is not a science is just makes you sound sillier.

    These are an example of the course work required for a doctorate in economics


    MATH 2304 Calculus III (*)MATH 3100 Linear Algebra (*)MATH 3320 Calculus and Vector Functions (*)MATH 3331 Differential EquationsMATH 3361 Ordinary Differential EquationsMATH/STAT 3401 Introduction to Probability Theory IMATH/STAT 3402 Introduction to Probability Theory IIMATH/STAT 3865 Mathematical ModelingMATH 4350 Theory of Functions of a Real Variable (*)MATH 4360 Introduction to TopologyMATH/STAT 4401 Introduction to Stochastic ProcessesMATH 4841 Topics in Optimization


    MATH 6100 Applied AlgebraMATH 6201 TopologyMATH 6331 Topics in Differential EquationsMATH/STAT 6401 Advanced Probability IMATH/STAT 6402 Advanced Probability IIMATH 6750 Topics in Advanced Numerical AnalysisMATH 6841 Nonlinear OptimizationMATH 6842 Advanced Topics in OptimizationMATH/STAT 6865 Mathematical Modeling

    Sir William Arthur Lewis undoubtedlyover had mathematics skills beyond the average professor in economics
    In fact the category is called "Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences"
    Stop hatin Javier

    • Javier Perez Javier Perez Bolivia says:

      I don't know why my first reply didn't appear, despite my other message, so I'l try again.

      First, Economy having math in the coursework, doesn't mean that is as exact science as pure Math, Physics or Chemistry.

      And Economy itself, is as exact science as Psychology, for instance. Psychology relying heavily on stats won't turn them into an exact science, cause it also depends on subjective speculation, same as Economy.

      Second, the Economy prize IS NOT AN OFFICIAL NOBEL PRIZE. The real name of the prize is Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.

      Third, it's only ONE prize, in a field that doesn't require the out-of-this-world abstraction capability.

      Call me when a black scientist wins a Nobel prize in physics or chemistry, or a Fields Medal, then, and only then, we'd start thinking about blacks having the benefit of the doubt the hispanics have, with their laureates, the mayas precedent, the Escalante precedent or the superelite chess GMs precedents.

    • crystal rosett crystal rosett Canada says:

      brain size doesn’t always equal higher intelligence though, one study compared the brain sizes of people with different iqs and educational achievement, and the person with the highest iq and educational achievements had the lowest brain volume out of everyone. also the average black brain is actually larger than albert einstein’s brain. if the gap was caused by brain size it wouldn’t account for more than up to 0.9 standard deviations

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