1. VladimirJosephStephanOrlovsky VladimirJosephStephanOrlovsky United States says:

    N95 masks are largely attributed to the masks’ removal of more than 95% of all particles with an average diameter that is 300 nm or less.
    N95 masks can filter approximately 99.8% of particles that have an average diameter of 100 nm
    #1. So, by your Math, N95 can filter smaller particle better ??
    #2.  "300 nm or less." ... so, particle of 2-3 mn (it is less than 300, right?!) can be filtered by N95 with ~ 95% efficiency ??
    #3. Question: Did you graduate school ?? How is you math teacher ??
    -Vladimir Joseph Stephan Orlovsky

    • Ed Hodgkins Ed Hodgkins United States says:

      Smaller particles are affected more so by Brownian motion and are more apt to be captured by nearby thread.  It is therefore logical that the mask would capture smaller objects more efficiently.  None of these things measuring as small as nanometers travel in a directly line.  There are a lot of forces at work.

      • Jake Martin Jake Martin United States says:

        What kind of science and math are they teaching you "geniuses" these days?  Now I can see why so many of today's medical personnel and scientists accept all of the lies coming from the cdc, who, and climate change idiots!

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