1. Stefan van Westing Stefan van Westing Netherlands says:

    "The instrument contained 20 black biased and 20 white biased items. In one experiment this test was administered to 110 undergraduates (91 whites and 19 blacks) where it was found that the black participants out performed the white participants. Blacks obtained a mean of 15.3 on the black items and 11.1 on the white items"

    I would like to know what those specific questions were, since black students always get simplified tests in school and whites are simply measured with a higher standard.

    The "black" questions

    1 is the earth a sphere ... or a cube shape ?

    2 If john has 8 skittles, and gives 4 skittles to a friend, how many skittles does john still have left ?

    3 what animal has a green color, a Frog, or a Shark ?

    etc. etc. etc.

    the "white" questions were probably more to the grade of rocket science and advanced physics.

    Those "white" questions were probably to the likes of nuclear fusion/fission, complex mathematics, chemical components etc.

    just like school tests are simplified to make blacks pass the test ... this does not mean blacks are as competent as ... or more competent than whites since their study material tends to be several grades below the "white" study material.

    • Kissy Nonya Kissy Nonya United States says:

      John still has 8 skittles. He stole them back from the friend!!

      But seriously I have to wonder as others have before me, why black countries have always been so bad off and starving regardless of the fact they have abundant natural resources. I mean, if you watch a National Geographic segment you can see dinner run right by them...pathetic, actually,

      Anyone else notice also that blacks generally are very quick to anger, are obnoxious, etc? Even black adopted children seem different and extra loud. Also, is it possible that the claim black serial killers are not abundant because the "white man" is the crazy one actually wrong and the truth is blacks just have no concept of the patience and premeditation it takes to carry out those heinous acts?

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