1. Javier Perez Javier Perez Bolivia says:

    Hugh Cipher,

    First, when you say "ou state a native Peruvian suffers racism in his or her native Peru? "

    OF COURSE THEY DO, and it isn't a rare thing. Indigenous people suffered racism.

    Do a very quick confirmation, most (above 80%) of peruvian population is indigenous, yet when you see peruvian TV, only white-like actors appear. OTOH, in the US TV, you see plenty of black actors, at least matching the % of black population in the US (if not more).

    And this happens in all latinamerica. So, being native doesn't grant you to get exempt from severe racism.

    About the mensa kid, please learn some facts. IQ test can not be taken seriously at very young age. AND scores tend to be higher when younger than in adulthood, cause you can get more Edge. For instance, Guiness record holder Von Savant had 228 in her teens, now in adulthood he has a little more of 180. So, a kid having 141 (even we'd accept it as a valid test) would not be something that impressive, case it only says that he is 41% better than the average of his age, 200+ and we'd be talking. And again, prodigies are dime a dozen. What is important is which of such prodigies develop into brilliant adults.

    And I wouldn't have any problem admitting we hispanics have some kind of genetic burden, cause my PERSONAL IQ and personal achievements are far ahead of whites or jews averages.

    My point was that, unlike blacks, what gives hispanics al least benefit of the doubt, is that, at least sometimes, hispanics showed capability to beat the top notch of whites jews and asians, in fields that demand extremely high abstraction capability (real science or chess in my examples), something not seen in black in recent history.

    Even the mayan example is not equivalent to the egypt example, cause there is not real certainity about the ethnicity of egyptians, and it was so long ago, so it's difficult to verify, AND blacks have not reproduced again such supposed level of achievement (being capable of getting to the top) in science, math or astronomy.

    While with mayans or Moxo inhabitants, there is no way of uncertainity, cause their civilization was isolated from Europe, when they developed their math and science, ahead of the europeans of their time. And such hispanics have repated achievements in the examples I showed you before.

    And again, it is you who fail to explain, given the fact that there are MILLIONS of black kids from wealthy families raised decades ago, ¿how come there are examples of blacks getting to the top even in very elitists sports, yet we have ZERO blacks getting to the elite in science or chess, when such intellectual  fields were and are far less elitists than sports like tennis?

    • Hugh Cipher Hugh Cipher United States says:

      It is very sad you actually feel your people have a genetic burden. Devote some study to the psychological and social effects of discrimination on your own peoples. The racism and color bias with in your own culture. Were you see a genetic burden I see a people discriminated against and whos countries are not as well economically developed as Europe’s or Asia's. A people oppressed but less oppressed than Black Africans so you see them with an over all  2 to 3 pt higher IQ average. A people who have achieved academic accolades but usually its their more European members who have achieved these accolades. I dont see this as genetic based but as culturally and society based. The more European one looks the better they are treated through out life. This affects ones life tremendously. Extrapolate this across a whole ethnic group and we will see the type of results we see in Hispanic populations.
      You are happy to admit genetic inferiority because a few of your group members have mere trophies (nobel prizes)?
      Do your own self a favor and eliminate all of the environmental factors that effect you people before you so readily drink the White supremacist kool-aide. Then you can return to a conversation with me with a clear and un colonized state of mind and view of this phenomenon  

      If i was ever angry at you I no longer am....I feel sadness for you hombre de Quechua pelu

      • Javier Perez Javier Perez Bolivia says:

        When you say "It is very sad you actually feel your people have a genetic burden."


        Are you aware that DEATH is an horrible fact of reality? It is far more horrible than unfairness regarding intellect celing, isn't it?

        Why a lot of unfairness is accepted easily (death, hunger, native athletic potential that you can't teach, etc.) yet you feel so offended by something so trivial like difference in intelligence ceiling?

    • ?
      crystal rosett crystal rosett Canada says:

      you need to learn some facts lol. mensa munda case can be taken seriously. GENE EXPRESSION doesn’t go through drastic changes when you get older lol. what happens is you go through puberty and your environment starts to change which can lead to a decrease in iq scores. plus he’s not the only outlier. anthony johnson, etc


      do you ever consider that blacks turn to sports because they see it as economic opportunities? you do know how stereotypes can affect certain people right? they might feel like they have to act a certain way or be a certain way to get approval.

      www.google.ca/.../31-highly-influential-african-american-scientists it’s funny  how you will go through leaps and bounds to try and discredit african achievements lol. you keep bringing up chess but how many blacks are even in the chess league in the first place? if anything it’s even more impressive because statistics show is that blacks come from LESS and are still able to achieve great feats

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