1. Hugh Cipher Hugh Cipher United States says:

    Cleopatra was a Ptolemy Greek Egyptian. She was undoubtedly of Greek/Macedonian heritage but her sister Arsinoe was recently found and scientist identified she was of African decent so Cleopatra may have been of mixed African blood also www.news-medical.net/news/2005/04/26/9530.aspx

    I applaud the Mayans past achievements. The fact they live on a tribal level (some call primitive) is proof civilizations rise and fall as the people who built them do.
    There are scores of brilliant Black scientist. Most definitely enough to prove their ancestors could  have built civilizations in the past . We need not point to Egypt alone but Nubia,Axum,Benin and Timbuktu are all examples of advanced Black African civilizations. The north western European who dominates the world today did not do so in ancient times. There are no pyramids in Berlin. No grand ancient BC period temples in Paris.
    The reasons why peoples build grand civilizations have more to do with environment than genes. This is why the meso American Indians built grand civilizations but their north American cousins did not-environment. I would watch guns germs and steel http://www.pbs.org/gunsgermssteel/ to get a better idea of this dynamic.
    As to your repeated question I will try to make it uber clear

    The racism Blacks suffer is far more acute and damaging than that of Hispanics
    Afro Americans culture was destroyed in slavery and have they have created a dysfunctional culture do to the oppressive dysfunctional conditions they suffer through
    Hispanics have a very intact and well grounded culture. This gives Hispanics a tool to fight psychological oppressions/racism that Blacks do not have
    Blacks have scores of highly intelligent scientist and mathematicians and  the fact Blacks only have one Nobel prize in hard science (economics) does not negate this
    The reality is that I know my self and have known many brilliant Blacks and this alone proves to me there is not gene or genes that are distributed amongst Blacks or Hispanics more so than others that cause low IQ
    Yes genes play a role in IQ but these genes are not distributed amongst one race more so than another
    There are far to many environmental factors that must be ruled out before one can jump to such conclusions as certain races are genetically inferior in terms of IQ

    As for athletic achievement again Blacks are not oppressed physically
    When laws forbade Blacks to play in sports you did not see these achievements
    Today the oppression is psychological, economic and environmental thus you see a lack of achievement in these areas-IQ falls under the realm of psychology
    I believe this is a clear answer to your query
    Now if you do not accept these reasons this is another thing and I can do nothing to sway you that the research and insights I have previously given can

    • Javier Perez Javier Perez Bolivia says:

      Lot of flaws in your statements.

      First, Economy is NOT  a hard science, it's far closer to pshychology than to physics or math.

      Next, it's still missing how come in very elitists sports like tennis, black players appeared in the top level, yet it doesn't happen in science or chess.

      My tennis example was clear, grand slams or Davis Cup in one side ZERO in the other side.

      If very clear attributes are more present in some races, that end up in clear differences in hair, eyes or skin color, WHY WOULD  ABSTRACTION CAPABILITY BE THE EXCEPTION?

      That's something no denialist can explain at all.

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