1. J A J A United States says:

    I think it's true as with other genetic/race traits.  It doesn't mean someone of a certain race that has tendency's to score lower on IQ tests means that the race as a whole is "dumber" than another.  It means that there are talents that they have in other areas that another race might lack in slightly from another.  One may have better communication abilities, while another may have better problem solving abilities, and another have a better memory. I'm just saying that this test does not go in depth enough and needs further research..  I'd say average out everyone of different races abilities and it would all average out to equal.

    -A German/Lithuanian/Cherokee

    • Edward Wolf Edward Wolf Australia says:

      Thank God I see at least one sensible and unbiased person here

    • Stefan van Westing Stefan van Westing Netherlands says:

      Oh ....factual things like averages don't get in the way do they ?

      If persons of a certain group in 95% of all cases score significantly lower than the 95 % of another specific group this DOES IN FACT indicate a "tendency" to be dumber if you're from the first group.

      There are always exceptions to the case that go against the common example.

      What people like you do is take one smart black man, and then try to extrapolate that to the entire black race, saying race has no significant influence.

      Even though 95% of the white race, scores higher than 95 % of the black race.

      Averages exist, stop trying to deny that.

      • tmarko yea tmarko yea United States says:

        Hey buddy, you missed the point.

        Whites and asians score significantly higher on IQ tests.

        Blacks dominant sports and athletics.

        If you'd ever studied psychological theories, you'd know that there are different "types" of intelligence. Do you think that coordinating your body movements is easy? It takes tremendous brain power to move fluidly while maintaining an kinesthetic awareness of your surroundings. Blacks tend to have more of their brain-power devoted to that.

        It also reads in the study that blacks have a better "working memory than whites.

        As well, blacks tend to be more masculine than whites or Asians.

        None of these factor mean that one race is "superior" to the other. The current socio-political situation on earth is no testament to the superiority of the white race. There was once a time when power and intellectualism were Afrocentric, and people travelled across continents to attend African universities in great African empires; but, of course, you won't learn about that in white-centric schools.

        As well, East Asian countries are surpassing white countries economically and politically. We may well witness the balance of power shift in their favor soon.

        In closing, you should consider the different races of man have different talents and abilities. Instead of being fearful, intimidated, and reactionary to that fact, accept it and apply the knowledge to your own life.

        • RYU BK RYU BK United States says:

          "Blacks tend to be more masculine than whites or asians"
          Only African-Americans are. Body structure of pure Africans aren't as tall or big as the African-Americans. Ever considered the diet? Out of all the meat products available, chickens are grown the fastest through the method of steroid. Chickens are fully grown in 2 weeks time. Their bodies grow, but their head remains small and are sold as headless chickens over at the supermarket. The very same chickens sold in popeyes and KFC. Now imagine feeding that to people, it's indirect steroids. Why do you think kids get periods or grow pubic hair faster than the 60s or 70s? In Asia, average height of South Koreans tower over at 3"+ compared to the Japanese or Chinese. South Korea is the #1 importer of American meat. While vegetable and rice is the main diet in all three countries, meat tends to be on the Korean(Galbi & SamGyupSal) table a lot more than the Chinese or Japanese(mainly fish-Sushi/Sashimi).

          "Blacks dominate sports and athletics"
          You're strictly refering to Basketball and Football. Please do not count Tigers Woods in golf. He's the only African-American and he doesn't count, because he's actually half Asian. Even if we're talking about football and bastketball, please consider the diet. You might squeeze in one or two pure Africans to play basketball(Mutumbo, Olajuwon), but those heights aren't natural in Africa and are seldomly rare, as Yao Ming in China, while it's common here in America. You certainly do not see as many pure African players in football as their built aren't made the same as African-Americans. You might also want to check the build on American-Whites compared to European White or American-Asians(pure American born) compared to Asians. With that said... Soccer, Swimming, Hockey, Ice Skating(Figure), Golf, Tennis, Ping Pong, Archery, etc. are dominated by Whites and Asians.

        • Lucius Lucius Lucius Lucius United States says:

          You stated that the world used to be Afrocentric and that is true. However, Africa as a continent has not been historically black.

          The Egyptian Empire for example was not composed of black Africans, although they are clearly depicted in some Egyptian paintings as slaves to the Egyptians, who would have looked more like what we would consider Arabs than black people.

          The only really notable African culture that comes to my mind was Ancient Ethiopia, which wasn't so much known for its cultural sophistication as for its massive wealth as a result of sitting on major natural resources.

          People too often get confused into thinking that Africa is the land of black people, when only the southern half was typically black.

        • Ken Brown Ken Brown Australia says:

          What is it with 'Blacks' making outrageous Afrocentric claims yet not providing any supportive evidence whatsoever. You say "There was once a time when power and intellectualism were Afrocentric, and people travelled across continents to attend African universities in great African empires; but, of course, you won't learn about that in white-centric schools. " When exactly was this time? If this is indeed true then I for one would find it very interesting. But I doubt it is true and furthermore I'm assuming that the places you are referring to are 'North African' (Carthaginians, Phoenicians etc.) where the people are far from black.

        • Xzanaith B Xzanaith B United States says:

          They were NOT black African Empires.

        • Grand Cl_eagle Grand Cl_eagle United States says:

          Tmarko - that sounds reasonable.  I mean different subspecies of other mammals have different qualities.  I agree that blacks dominate the sports world due to their superior physical traits.  I think the main strength of the white sub species (but don't think it's true for all white tribes) is the ability to work cooperatively better than others - to include the Asian and Jewish sub sets that have superior intelligence quotients.  I think this stems from our development in Northern, colder climates where shared work was required for survival.  I thought of this while considering the different basketball styles of Notre Dame and Michigan as told in the book "Stuff black people don't like" by Paul Kersey.  It's an interesting read.

        • William Griffin William Griffin United States says:

          "People travelled across continents to attend African universities in great African empires"

          The first known university was indeed in Africa, but it was Muslim, not sub-Saharan African. It also was not built until around the 12th century AD.

        • Michael Stewart Michael Stewart United States says:

          There was once a time when power and intellectualism were Afrocentric, and people travelled across continents to attend African universities in great African empires; but, of course, you won't learn about that in white-centric schools.

          You won't learn about it because it's a fantasy. Black Americans should strive to get their average IQ up and fix the destructive culture in the inner cities, regardless of who is responsible for the current situation. Trading phony arguments and fantasies  back and forth is not a positive activity.

    • Ken Brown Ken Brown Australia says:

      Actually IQ tests cater to all the areas of intelligence you just mentioned. They are designed to be fully comprehensive and were originally created by 'whites', yet East Asians outperformed the 'whites', but the 'blacks' performed abysmally.  IQ tests don't cater to white people, they cater to intelligent people.

      • Michael Stewart Michael Stewart United States says:

        Don't know how you would design an IQ test to be "fully comprehensive." Test scores probably correlate with creativity, for example, but there is no attempt to measure creativity as such. Specific talents are probably correlated with test scores to some extent, but tests are not designed to measure them. There is also the question of proper weighting  of subtest scores. IQ tests do in fact correlate with measures of performance in school and work, especially in conjunction with a measure of conscientiousness, but I doubt if any designer would claim that his test is "fully comprehensive."

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