1. Hugh Cipher Hugh Cipher United States says:

    Im not surprised you hold these beliefs about Kemet Nut ie: Egypt but this is a pdf of the latest dna testing done by  geneticist confirming Egypt had Black Africans through out its society and enlarge began as an African society
    dnatribes.com/dnatribes-digest-2013-02-01.pdf (pages 2 to 5 I recommend)
    This confirms what eye witness such as Herodotus have said about Egypt and which is that its people were Black Africans
    As for your Meso American ancestors the Olmecs, they more than likely were of mixed African decent the fact being Black Africans were in meso Ameica before Columbus
    and the Olmec artifacts speak for themselves and the fact that
    the 1st peoples in the Americas were Black Afro-Aboriginals
    lend weight to this theory on the Olmecs. As for Egypt again this debate is over. The DNA results are in and they agree with me and Herodotus

    • Javier Perez Javier Perez Bolivia says:

      ALL HUMANS come from Africa, even Europeans. If you see that way, all of us will have Africans allell in a DNA test

      My point is that genetic traits  define a 'race': hair, eyes, skin, and in the issue discussed here, physical and intellectual average CEILING.

      Of course envirmonment plays, but also genes, like in EVERYTHING!!

      Why still fail to explain, why would inteliigence be an exception? if nature is by definition wild and unfaair, why would nature have to be 'fair' regarding intelligence?

      Forget everything else and ANSWER THE QUESTIONS, PLEASE.

      How come world class athletes have been produced in even very elitists sports (like tennis back then in my example), yet ZERO top-notch 'mental athletes' were produced in areas far less elitists as chess or hard science?

      • Hugh Cipher Hugh Cipher United States says:

        If “ALL HUMANS come from Africa, even Europeans. If you see that way, all of us will have Africans allell in a DNA test” is your response to scientist finding Egyptian royal mummy dna predominantly African then you for one have a poor understanding of genetics. If your understanding of genetics is this flawed then I surely would recommend you understand how gene traits are passed on better before I jump to blaming poor academic achievement genes distributed along racial lines

      • crystal rosett crystal rosett Canada says:

        what lol? you just said there were no blacks in ancient egypt, he gives you proof that “everybody is african” lol if that’s the case then all these great feats can be attributed to black africans. do you know how genetics work? you and your great great great great great grandfather probably won’t share any genes lol

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