1. Skeptic Skeptic United States says:

    HHH: I once saw statistics on the Chinese education system. I recall that only a tiny percentage of the Chinese population makes it into the university system. (I believe it was around 2%. But you probably have a better idea than I.) So, university students are the cream of the crop. If your friends are university students, then they are undoubtedly highly intelligent. Even with an IQ of 137, you would not necessarily stand out.

    IQ is usually defined such that the average is 100. One standard deviation is 15 points. So, someone with an IQ of 130 is two standard deviations above the mean. This is only the ninety-fifth percentile on a Gaussian distribution. (5% of the population has an IQ above 130.) You are about halfway between two and three standard deviations. That puts you at roughly the ninety-ninth percentile of intelligence: about average in a pool of the smartest two percent of the population.

    Even if you think that the average high school student has an IQ above 110, that is still less than one standard deviation from the mean. An IQ test ideally is supposed to measure innate intelligence, regardless of education and background. However in practice, it is not clear that one can completely separate pure cognitive ability from skills developed in the classroom and elsewhere. All IQ differences between different races are one standard deviation or less from the mean. This can easily be explained by variations in education and privelege, as well as cultural differences.

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