1. suzy que suzy que United States says:

    I had a brain tumor and was misdiagnosed again and again by "Mental Health Professionals"... the only thing they've done for me is FINISH ruining my life. I have never and would never harm another human being and am not crazy... certainly not crazy enough to think that any Mental Health Facility is there to help patients. These places operate in order for educated and well off professionals to suck us all dry by saying they performed services they did not even attempt to perform... & so society can feel better about itself and have a false sense of security. Most people with ANY mental illness would never and do never harm another soul... except for sociopaths and these are the people you never see coming. But under such laws my constitutional rights would only be further obliterated. And it's not so much a gun ownership issue as it is the principle of the thing. I've seen enough to know our Mental Heath System is in a terrible unprofessional state of disrepair and to LABEL someone as this blanket Bull Law does is an insult to any who actually need help. My guess is that people who really need help will just be all the less likely to seek it out when such legislation is passed. And NO ONE GIVES A %#@$ ABOUT THE MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM BEING BETTER.... FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY...

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