1. opex9718 opex9718 United States says:

    its so funny that everyone just loved to here that whites are so much smarter than blacks then when someone post facts from source after source saying sorry yall its just not true,now the white folks have a problem and want to get mad becouse there superior bubble is burst!I should ask my little sister who graduated from yale and is currently a doctor what she thinks.She may have a better opinion than i do seeing that she graduated from UCLA before going off to Yale,but then again she is just another stupid black women!

    • John John United States says:

      First of all, please learn the difference between "here" and "hear."

      I highly doubt that your sister graduated from Yale since intelligence is highly heritable, and you seem to be rather mentally deficient. (Of course, blacks aren't known to respect monogamy -- perhaps she's your half-sister.) And even if she did get into Yale, she almost certainly benefited substantially from affirmative action -- don't think her potential employers won't know this.

      Anyway, yes, black supremacist did post a lot of "evidence," but he failed to cite it with accessible sources! How are we supposed to verify if his evidence is true? There is simply no reason to believe that anything he said is true.

    • Nick Nick United States says:

      Actually, these "racist" tests show that East Asians have the highest IQ. So these racist whiteys made up racist IQ tests to make East Asians look smarter than the rest of the people? Why is it that Chinese and Indian immigrants can come to the US and take college entrance exams and not complain, while blacks who were born here keep complaining that the tests are culturally or racially biased?

    • Stefan van Westing Stefan van Westing Netherlands says:

      All of these sources date back to the 60's and 70's when you had hippies forging study's to raise the belief that blacks were competent in order to push through the "multiculturalist" agenda.

      Many of those were frauds ... are there any new and reliable sources ?

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