1. William Griffin William Griffin United States says:

    "Native Born Africans are the most educated immigrants living in America currently according to the U.S Census and are actually more educated then current Americans"

    That is a meaningless statement. Even if that is true, legal immigrants in the US are not necessarily representative of their race, nationality, or whatnot. For example, let's stipulate a race of green people with an average IQ of 50, but three of them have an IQ of 180. If those three immigrated to the US, could you assume that the entire race of green people has an IQ of 180? Of course not, and you cannot use a small number of immigrants of any race to extrapolate anything about those back in their home countries.

    This does not mean that the article is correct in its entirety, or in part, but your anecdotal evidence about "Native Born Africans" being the "most educated immigrants living in America" as well as being "more educated [than] current Americans" does not negate this paper's findings.

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