1. Hugh Cipher Hugh Cipher United States says:

    It is very sad you actually feel your people have a genetic burden. Devote some study to the psychological and social effects of discrimination on your own peoples. The racism and color bias with in your own culture. Were you see a genetic burden I see a people discriminated against and whos countries are not as well economically developed as Europe‚Äôs or Asia's. A people oppressed but less oppressed than Black Africans so you see them with an over all  2 to 3 pt higher IQ average. A people who have achieved academic accolades but usually its their more European members who have achieved these accolades. I dont see this as genetic based but as culturally and society based. The more European one looks the better they are treated through out life. This affects ones life tremendously. Extrapolate this across a whole ethnic group and we will see the type of results we see in Hispanic populations.
    You are happy to admit genetic inferiority because a few of your group members have mere trophies (nobel prizes)?
    Do your own self a favor and eliminate all of the environmental factors that effect you people before you so readily drink the White supremacist kool-aide. Then you can return to a conversation with me with a clear and un colonized state of mind and view of this phenomenon  

    If i was ever angry at you I no longer am....I feel sadness for you hombre de Quechua pelu

    • Javier Perez Javier Perez Bolivia says:

      When you say "It is very sad you actually feel your people have a genetic burden."


      Are you aware that DEATH is an horrible fact of reality? It is far more horrible than unfairness regarding intellect celing, isn't it?

      Why a lot of unfairness is accepted easily (death, hunger, native athletic potential that you can't teach, etc.) yet you feel so offended by something so trivial like difference in intelligence ceiling?

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