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    Let Wawa Let Wawa Germany says:

    That's because success is a function of luck, not of intelligence. Like in poker, you can hold a pair of Aces, but still lose. So, there is only a correlation between intelligence and success.

    Business works on the Winner Takes All model and if you are not in the right place at the right time, no matter how smart you are you will have little chance of winning. There are more guys like Bill Gates in the world, but they are unknown. Look up "survivorship bias" if you are interested. It's an interesting topic.

    A good book would be Fooled by Randomness.

    In fact, you can go further and think about all the smart people who didn't make it because they died in a car accident or of cancer on their way of success.

    The genetically best must have a lot of luck to come out on top. His odds are still the greatest of all, but success is not guaranteed.

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