1. Black Supremacist Black Supremacist United States says:

    in the United States, when matched for IQ with Whites, American Blacks have been shown to demonstrate superior “Working Memory” (Nijenhuis et al., 2004). This is a particularly interesting finding as African Americans tend to be taught by less qualified teachers (e.g. non-certified teachers and teachers with limited experience) than their white counterparts, and are provided with less challenging school work (Hallinan 1994; Diamond et al., 2004; Uhlenberg and Brown 2004). In Chicago, for example, the vast majority of schools placed on academic probation as part of the district accountability efforts were majority African-American and low-income (Diamond and Spillane 2004). Thus, it is somewhat of a surprise that African Americans should outperform white Americans on any portion of a paper and pencil test designed to mimic the structures of western style schooling and culture (Richardson, 2000, 2002).

    Educational inequality in the U.S. is a pervasive part of the social system and is primarily a consequence of housing. Since the majority of states determine school funding based on property taxes, schools in wealthier neighborhoods receive more funding per student. As home values in white neighborhoods are higher than minority neighborhoods, local schools receive more funding via property taxes (Kelly, 1995). In addition, there has been a history of social policy which has limited African American’s access to avenues of wealth accumulation (e.g. purchasing suburban homes); so that black families also have far fewer assets than their white counterparts who earn the same incomes (Oliver and Shapiro, 1995). Parents with greater assets are free to use them for things like tutors, purchasing educational materials (e.g. computers), and to pay for private schools and more expensive colleges.  

    In a study which helped to highlight the need for better education for African American children, Serpell et al. (2006) took 162 low-income African American and white fourth graders and assigned them, randomly, to ethnically homogeneous groups of three to work on a motion acceleration task, using computer simulation or physical tools. Or to a control group that did not participate in the learning activities. It was shown that both African American and White students performed equally well on the test of initial learning, with both groups scoring significantly higher than the control group. However, it was also found that African American children’s transfer outcomes were superior to those of their White counterparts (see Serpell et al., 2006). The study demonstrated, empirically, that not only do African American children learn as well as white children, but that they may actually exceed their white counterparts in their ability to transfer learned abilities to real tasks.

    • looncraz looncraz United States says:

      Chimpanzees have considerably better working memory than humans.  But we out-compete them hands-down because we are more fluid in our reasoning and logic.

      As whites are to blacks, and Asians to whites.

      The loss of working memory requires more reasoning skills, which increases intelligence.

      I watched a documentary a few years ago about an ape that demonstrated extraordinary memory abilities and could remember patterns thirty or forty times better and faster than humans... the documentary studied the behavior of young apes vs children and found that children would explore the possible solutions and apes would simply - and exclusively - go for the most obvious one.  Apes would get frustrated that their one solution didn't work and try the same one over and over.  Human children immediately reasoned that they needed to find another way in - hence a survival advantage.

      • Elise Harris Elise Harris United States says:

        Guess who out-performs EVERYONE on measures of fluid intelligence? People on the autistic spectrum. Wanna guess what the trade-off is?

        Point is, IQ and fluid intelligence isn't everything.

      • Hamsa Rosenberg Hamsa Rosenberg United States says:

        I was an anthropology major for awhile, and studied primates in depth.  One thing I remember is when they tested chimps against human children, the chimps developed much faster.  Much of the testing was shapes/holes/problem solving with objects...  The chimps out performed the humans...up until about age 6 - when the human children caught up, and continued to develop, while the chimps had reached their max.  Then I just read the same in this article.  Blacks developed faster than asians/whites (sit, crawl,putting on clothes).  Because of this it is not obvious in the beginning that they have a deficiency.  And by 6 they know enough,are in a coddling affirmative action school, and move right through the system (working memory). Second point, you are right that a lack of working memory skills does lead to innovation...like language and math.  When you don't remember stuff as well, you have to write it down, which leads to a whole slew of innovations. Also, on anderson Cooper he visited a gorilla fora segment, and the gorilla was symbolically/mathematically more advanced than any human.  Besides the basic sign language, the gorilla tried to communicate with flash card symbols, but none of the humans knew what they meant.  Just interesting.

      • Curtis Lamont Curtis Lamont United States says:

        White people are a CURSE from God.  When Gahazi lies to the prophet Elisha, Gahazi was cursed with the desease Naaman had.  Gahazi was cursed with leprocy and his skin turned white as snow.  His descndance were cursed for ever.  To educate yourself just google the name “Gahazi”.  This is no secrete.  Because of this curse, Gahazi blamed Naaman.  This is why white people has a discourse with people of color.  Because of Gahazi curse, he moved to a cooler climate where the sun was not as hot.  This is where Europeans came from.  This hatred of “people of color” will be with white skin people forever.

    • Bob Murdoch Bob Murdoch Canada says:

      I am a white guy born with an IQ in the upper 5 percentiles meaning that my mind works quicker and more organized than 97% of the people I meet.
      One of the few people I have met that impressed me mentally was Malcolm X. Some of the ones that impressed me the least were CEO's of major companies and politicians who control our daily lives. The latter two all white by the way.
      Another person who impressed me greatly was someone who was counted out as mentally deficient but through hard work and determination became a very good lawyer. He may not be the fastest thinker but he is very thorough, makes no mistakes and catches things I have missed.
      From what I have read on this subject I can not conclude from my own reasoning that IQ is stratified so clearly across ethnic lines as to make a significant difference. I will say this how ever that success in life has more to do with attitude, perspiration and persistence than skin colour

      • Joseph Stern Joseph Stern United States says:

        A person in the upper 5th percentile by definition scores at least as high as (100 - 5)% = 95% of the sampled population; not 97%. This is more typically referred to as the "95th percentile", rather than the "upper 5th percentile". Also: should someone in the 95th IQ percentile not understand the difference between one data point (Malcolm X) and a data set of statistically significant size? Just a thought. Cheers.

        • Stefan van Westing Stefan van Westing Netherlands says:

          He's plainly lying about his "intellectual" merits .... the appalling mathematic error he opens his statements up with is a perfect testimony to his low intellect.

          He lies about being competent white, in order to make his statement of "it's not about race, it's more about persistence and attitude" seem more legitimate than it would be coming from a black man (i'm guessing he's black in reality)

          Even though the very article here highlights that intelligence differences already play out at age 3 before education and culture has any impact on one's intellectual merits.

          He also says "From what I have read on this subject I can not conclude from my own reasoning that IQ is stratified so clearly across ethnic lines as to make a significant difference."

          Only a black man could ever say that ... because any white man inherently knows that the fact that white people invented nearly everything relevant on the planet today, whilst blacks invented nothing, and this clearly has everything to do with race.

          • Mike Jones Mike Jones United States says:

            He says in -
            This includes the higher as well as the lower in theory a person who lets say is in the 99% percentile is also about the 95% percentile the 97% percentile etc. I find it hard to believe that you people think your smart.

            Let me put it plainly. He is saying he is smarter than 97% of the population I assume he is getting this from standardized testing he received as a child as am I!

      • Elise Harris Elise Harris United States says:

        How's that high IQ working for you in life?

      • Stephen Pollington Stephen Pollington United States says:

        Anecdotal, ideologically possessed, far-leftist (postmodernist), equal outcome, utopian garbage...

      • Frank from Iowa Frank from Iowa United States says:

        For such a brilliant guy you seem to have no understanding of statistics. Your very few personal observations have no statistical significance at all.

    • Ken Brown Ken Brown Australia says:

      Your entire spiel is irrelevant. The Intelligence quotient is not a measure of education it is a measure of intelligence.

      People from poor uneducated backgrounds can and do still achieve exceptionally high scores. As long as they can read above a fourth grade level then they can do the IQ test.

      The information you have presented here is completely redundant to the issue at hand.

      • Mike Jones Mike Jones United States says:

        You clearly have never taken a IQ test If you had you would know that No if you don't have a certain level of education the IQ test would say your very dumb. You actually require a broad range of mental gifts and education. This is why autistic children do very very very freakishly well on certain parts of IQ tests but fail poorly on others They simple cannot process the information properly.
        If may humble you to note that Einstein was not particularly bright he actually failed Geometry.
        The list of black inventions is also puzzling as this also has no merit. stupid people invent great things. Like the excuses for white superiority in intellectual thinking for instance.

    • Kaitlyn Downing Kaitlyn Downing United States says:

      Black Supremacist makes some very valid points, and should definitely be considered regarding American IQ test scores broken down by race. However, what fascinates me is the IQ difference at the international level, which removes the issues (I assume) he discusses.  None of those issues are applicable, and while one can make a case for colonization keeping African IQs lower, it doesn't explain Asian IQs superiority.  In other words, since most of the world was colonized by whites, one would assume the results would favor them. However, this is not the case. So, other factors than environment must be considered.

      On another note: evolution is a fact. The method of evolution (how we evolved) is what is being debated as a theory.  Darwin proposed Natural Selection, while the newer theories look at short bursts of evolutionary change, sometimes over shorter periods of time, IN ADDITION TO Natural Selection.  The fact that humans (and all species) evolved from less complex species is not up for debate. It's not only been observed in the natural world, but recreated in a lab, and if that isn't enough, the extensive fossil record of human skeletons showing each step of our evolution from primates.  Stephen Jay Gould (the Stephen Hawking of evolutionary biology) wrote an excellent, clear, easy to understand article explaining the concept called, "Evolution as Fact and Theory". In this article, he clearly explains the difference and where the confusion lies for some people.  Frankly, ninth grade biology should cover this, but...

    • Terri Skidmore Terri Skidmore United States says:

      What a bunch of PC BS.  You just keep trying to find junk to convince yourself but the real world knows better.  Just like we know that young black males (approx. 3% of our population) commit well over 1/2 of all violent crime in this country.  That makes them our number one terrorist threat and who should be avoided at all costs.

    • Mike Jones Mike Jones United States says:

      1.) Brain size does not correlate to intelligence the number of neurons or fold in the brain matter does though.
      2.) Horses have larger brains than humans as do Whales dolphins and several other animals.
      3.) Neanderthals actually had larger brains than modern humans.
      4.) Black people actually tend to have larger brains as brains and head size are generally correlated to body size and on average black are bigger than whites.
      5.) discussions of race are moot because of the complex and intricate level of multi racial blending that has gone on for over 7 thousand years.
      6.) Need more lets look at milk yes milk white people and black people Europe and Africa can drink milk. It's coming I know your looking for the point. The point is genetics the trait to be able to digest milk is only about a few hundred years old in humans. That means we have been so inbred that we have shared this milk digesting gene thought more than half the worlds population. However there are still a lot of Asian people who cannot digest milk as all In China Singapore Thailand etc.
      7.) There actually more genetic difference between boy and girl than between a black and white person the difference is about 2% of DNA. That is a Max not a minimum which means that all the variations of persons occur within that 2% margin.
      8.) The population of America has blacks at about 12% They might be as high as 20% however thanks to planned parent hood there is a lot of dead black babies.
      9.)There actually not enough data yet on brains and sizes. This is largely because it is expensive to do this. The large selection of data on brain sizes is actually skull sizes and has nothing to do with weight or size both of which are actually more important again based on folds in the brain and number of active neurons.

      • Michael Stewart Michael Stewart United States says:

        Almost everything in this post is either incorrect or irrelevant. Ancestral groups are easily identified genetically, for example. Asian, European, and African brains can be reliably differentiated by examining the surface configuration. My genome is more like Mozart's or Newton's than it is like an East Asian's or African's according to any reasonable measure, but I am not a Mozart or a Newton. Consider the magnitude of the genetic differences between a human and a chimpanzee.

      • Stephen Pollington Stephen Pollington United States says:

        5.) discussions of race are moot because of the complex and intricate level of multi-racial blending that has gone on for over 7 thousand years.
        If we look at many Muslim countries we see that average IQs are lower than European and Asian countries because of their culturally accepted practice in-breeding. So as it pertains to the race-IQ relationship, discussion of race is mandatory because there has been far more isolation between the races than interbreeding. Why would even you suggest that most of the world has interbred during the last 7 thousand years anyway? Thats ludicrous.

    • johnny caldwell johnny caldwell United States says:

      They did a similar test in Chimps who also were shown to have the same working memory superiority. Please don't confuse this as a way for blacks to be more functionally intelligent. It amazes me that the more neanderthal dna a race has, the more intelligent they become. Asians and white are close with Asians coming in several points higher. Asians are shown to have had 2 large interbreeding with neanderthals where whites have only had 1. Africans have 0% neanderthal DNA and are quite a bit less intelligent than any other race. If you're theories of Africans low scoring to just be a problem with a test were true, you wouldn't see the poor performance of blacks in most academic areas like you see now.

    • BS!
      Henry Stoneking Henry Stoneking United States says:

      To state that money (ed spending)will increase brain size will eliminate any possibility of your other arguments making any sense.  I think I can move on...Larger brains have more neurons by the way.  There is no way that Asians have anywhere near the brain size as whites, just look at their heads for crying out loud.

    • David Miller David Miller United States says:

      IQ is part Genetic and part random. The genetic part is 45 % hereditary and 55%  toward the mean. Of your race

    • Amante Forenza Amante Forenza United States says:

      You are only addressing cultural and social issues. These studies are not just based on the United States. You’re reasoning is a idiotic as a Christian Fundamentlist staring that the earth is flat because the Bible says so. It does nobody any good to deny science and facts. There are clear talents for all races. Stating that they are all the same in whatever capacity, is false and ignorant.

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