1. Hamsa Rosenberg Hamsa Rosenberg United States says:

    I was an anthropology major for awhile, and studied primates in depth.  One thing I remember is when they tested chimps against human children, the chimps developed much faster.  Much of the testing was shapes/holes/problem solving with objects...  The chimps out performed the humans...up until about age 6 - when the human children caught up, and continued to develop, while the chimps had reached their max.  Then I just read the same in this article.  Blacks developed faster than asians/whites (sit, crawl,putting on clothes).  Because of this it is not obvious in the beginning that they have a deficiency.  And by 6 they know enough,are in a coddling affirmative action school, and move right through the system (working memory). Second point, you are right that a lack of working memory skills does lead to innovation...like language and math.  When you don't remember stuff as well, you have to write it down, which leads to a whole slew of innovations. Also, on anderson Cooper he visited a gorilla fora segment, and the gorilla was symbolically/mathematically more advanced than any human.  Besides the basic sign language, the gorilla tried to communicate with flash card symbols, but none of the humans knew what they meant.  Just interesting.

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