1. Jimbo, jimbo Jimbo, jimbo United States says:

    Another point of contention is that IQ tests only measure a person's present reasoning abilities. Sure enough, if you take the time to teach people a few basic concepts then over a short amount of time, they would likely perform better on IQ tests. IQ tests say nothing about intellectual capacity, it only measures one's intelligence at its current state.

    And even if science one day does point to a gene that proves without a doubt that humans have different intellecutal capacities, should that give us reason to put races in a caste system? One can have a less than average intelligence level and still make significant contributions to a society.  Even if we prove that the black race is less intelligent, it does not mean they can't hold significant roles in a society. Even African Americans score lower than other groups, just look at what impact they have exerted on the world in terms music, entertainment, sports, and social movements. Bottom line, intelligence is not a good predictor of self worth.

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