1. Mike Jones Mike Jones United States says:

    1.) Brain size does not correlate to intelligence the number of neurons or fold in the brain matter does though.
    2.) Horses have larger brains than humans as do Whales dolphins and several other animals.
    3.) Neanderthals actually had larger brains than modern humans.
    4.) Black people actually tend to have larger brains as brains and head size are generally correlated to body size and on average black are bigger than whites.
    5.) discussions of race are moot because of the complex and intricate level of multi racial blending that has gone on for over 7 thousand years.
    6.) Need more lets look at milk yes milk white people and black people Europe and Africa can drink milk. It's coming I know your looking for the point. The point is genetics the trait to be able to digest milk is only about a few hundred years old in humans. That means we have been so inbred that we have shared this milk digesting gene thought more than half the worlds population. However there are still a lot of Asian people who cannot digest milk as all In China Singapore Thailand etc.
    7.) There actually more genetic difference between boy and girl than between a black and white person the difference is about 2% of DNA. That is a Max not a minimum which means that all the variations of persons occur within that 2% margin.
    8.) The population of America has blacks at about 12% They might be as high as 20% however thanks to planned parent hood there is a lot of dead black babies.
    9.)There actually not enough data yet on brains and sizes. This is largely because it is expensive to do this. The large selection of data on brain sizes is actually skull sizes and has nothing to do with weight or size both of which are actually more important again based on folds in the brain and number of active neurons.

    • Michael Stewart Michael Stewart United States says:

      Almost everything in this post is either incorrect or irrelevant. Ancestral groups are easily identified genetically, for example. Asian, European, and African brains can be reliably differentiated by examining the surface configuration. My genome is more like Mozart's or Newton's than it is like an East Asian's or African's according to any reasonable measure, but I am not a Mozart or a Newton. Consider the magnitude of the genetic differences between a human and a chimpanzee.

    • Stephen Pollington Stephen Pollington United States says:

      5.) discussions of race are moot because of the complex and intricate level of multi-racial blending that has gone on for over 7 thousand years.
      If we look at many Muslim countries we see that average IQs are lower than European and Asian countries because of their culturally accepted practice in-breeding. So as it pertains to the race-IQ relationship, discussion of race is mandatory because there has been far more isolation between the races than interbreeding. Why would even you suggest that most of the world has interbred during the last 7 thousand years anyway? Thats ludicrous.

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