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    To further elaborate, Eurasia had the right set of  conditions that allowed for a higher IQ to come to fruition. Domestication of the native species of pigs, goats, cattle, barley, and wheat marked a transition from hunting and gathering to a more advanced form of agriculture than seen in other societies of the same era. This advanced agriculture was not only able to support denser populations, but also spurred about a divison of labor. Individuals began to have specific jobs and thus had time to master their craft and become innovators of new technologies and tools. Essentially, it could be the fact that they had to use their brains more, and this could have brought about the discrepancies in IQ levels that we see today.

    With this being said, intelligence is a mutable measure and is not something that is absolute. Based on the "Flynn Effect", average IQ scores have risen over time. While IQ test are standardized so that the average is around 100, the questions inherently become more difficult over time. For instance a person who has an IQ of 85 today (an average US black) , would have scored around a 100 if they took an IQ test from 1950. This simply says, that the human brain can adapt very rapidly and all human are getting smarter.

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