1. Hugh Cipher Hugh Cipher United States says:

    Again so called academics are taking numbers and reading what they wish into them. One can only assume gentics is the primary cause for low IQ. No one has found an IQ gene only Genes that seem to effect IQ and no one has found that these genes are lesser in number in Blacks or other sub tropical peoples.  European and Asians have bigger brains and have bigger eyeballs as well. In fact all people living in and or native to northern latitudes have bigger brains and eyeballs. You can see this dynamic with in the populations living at varying latitudes in Europe. As you travel north in latitude studies show Northern Europeans have bigger eyeballs and brains than Southern Europeans.

    This being the case the people with the biggest brains and eyeballs are Eskimos or the Inuit people who live near the North Pole. European and Asian brains are bigger in the areas dealing with sight. During the ice age it was dark and difficult to see. Also today due to sunlight refraction it is more difficult to see in Northern latitudes.

    Neanderthal man who was an early cousin to homo sapiens (us) evolved during the ice age and had a bigger brain than any human.
    We can tell from early Neanderthal artifacts they were less intelligent than homo sapiens archaic or homo sapiens sapiens (us/modern man) so their bigger brains did not equate to a higher intelligence. In fact it appears to have been substantially lower Europeans and Asians like Neanderthal developed in the northern hemisphere during ice age climatic changes. Both Asians and Europeans evolved bigger eyes and optic nerve areas to see better and developed bigger brains to deal with the extra sight sensory input
    So now we understand “why” Europeans and Asians have bigger brains. The next question is does this correlate with their inherently having a higher IQ than Africans?

    The two areas of the brain Asians and Europeans have increased size and have more grey matter dedicated to are the visual cortex  & lateral ventricles . Again note this extra brain matter is dedicated to analyzing increased visual input. The lateral ventricles  are filled with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) which bathes and cushions the brain and spinal cord . The lateral ventricles do not consist of any grey or white matter.

    Cognitive functions such as -executive functions, planning, abstract reasoning, impulse control, sustained attention and insight are not carried out in these areas. These functions are carried out primarily in the frontal lobe were the Orbitofrontal Cortex is located.

    African Americans in fact have a larger orbito-frontal cortex  than Caucasians.

    So for those who feel they have this definitive proof of some type of inate gentic upper hand I say you must look into all of the possible stimuli that could effect IQ (such as economic status,health and the psycholigical effects of systemic racism) and look for the causation of the numerical data they tout so often

    • Javier Perez Javier Perez Bolivia says:

      There have been scientific Nobel laureates from very poor backgrounds (Jewish, whites, Asians, even races plagued with poverty like hispanics), yet NOT A SINGLE BLACK MAN awarded with a scientific nobel prize.

      So, where the environment explanation stays after this verifiable fact?

      If there is a veru accepted fact that no matter how hard white men train, you wouldn't beat people like Usain Bolt or other black athletes.

      Training could make white atletes very good, beating most of black athletes that won't have equivalent training, but they have no chance agains similarly trained black men.

      Why this analogy is considered invalid regarding intellect? Isn't it obvious that facts shows up that with the best trainging possible, black scientists can become very good, but not being a match to Nobel-laureate level brains?

      Isn't the brain as biological as athlete muscles, why would it have to be an exception to the rules that shows that some races are better suited for some tasks?

      Could you answer these questions please?

      • Hugh Cipher Hugh Cipher United States says:

        Before you read my whole response to your question let me 1st ask you a question. I see you seem to be of Hispanic origins do you feel the Hispanics average IQ of 88 to be largely genetic in origin or a result of a people from a socially disadvantaged group not having the same access to education as Whites?

        Some say Hispanics may never reach equal IQ levels with Whites

      • Hugh Cipher Hugh Cipher United States says:

        Sorry for the 2 part response as I am typing from a tablet. Whites & other ethnic groups seem to easily minimize or dismiss the severity of the forms of racism suffered by Black Africans. One crucial factor is that the other groups you have mentioned all have intact cultures & none have survived 300 plus years of chattel slavery, American Apartheid ie: Jim Crow & systemic socially entrenched racism. Other groups may have risen from economic hardship but the discrimination they suffered has been fundamentally different thus the environment the rose from was different.  You cant compare an immigrant Jew who is raised in a tradition of reading the Torah in Hebrew & has a healthy culture to an African American who for one comes from a legacy were simply knowing how to read could cost you your life or loss of limb. African Americans live in a system where the very government has taken action to destroy them.
        To quote:
        "Mr. Haldeman, referring to the President as "P," said: "P emphasized that you have to face the fact that the whole problem is really the blacks. The key is to devise a system that recognizes this while not appearing to"


        This is the racist system Blacks live under today.
        As for your comparisons of Athletic muscles to the brain this is a common fallacy.  Yes environment plays a part in both but the brain contains human consciousness & is thee most complicated orginism in the known universe.

        • Javier Perez Javier Perez Bolivia says:

          Why would the athletic muscles be an unfair comparison? Arent such muscles BIOLOGICAL and influenced by GENETICS, the very same as the brain is? Of course environment help, but genetics will give you a LIMIT regarding potential. With great environment and effort, you can improve up to such potential limit, that's why no white athlete can compete with the best black athletes, a top-notch white 100 m runner, can beat 99% of black runners, but he won't have a chance against top black athletes in the league of Usain Bolt, no matter how hard the white guy trains from childhood. Tell me, is this false? If this happens with muscles, why do you think it's impossible to happen with brain? Isn't brain also biological? Why would nature would have to be 'fair'? could you explain?

          • Hugh Cipher Hugh Cipher United States says:

            Again IQ is an aspect of mental functioning.  You cannot arrive at an answer for IQ scores by studying biology alone. You must understand & take in the psychological effects of socio economic conditions.  Also your insistence that Hispanics suffer worse enviromental conditions is misguided.  All Hispanics are not illegals as if this alone would count for your low IQ scores. Better enviromental conditions (ie: less racism)correlate with higher IQ. As for athletic prowess being compared to intellect this would only make sence if we thought with our biceps

            • Javier Perez Javier Perez Bolivia says:

              In EVERYTHING there is a part where GENETICS plain a great part, end environment the other. Why would here be different? you still don't answer.

              Why it is totally verified that no matter how great the environment is, no amount of training can make white, asians, hispanics or jews athletes compete with black athletes.

              And in nobel laureates and field medals WE ARE SEEING A VERY SIMILAR SCENARIO.

              No matter hwat environment is given to black students, they can't match the very top.

              Environment can be only part of the problem, but there is no explanation for ZERO scientific nobel laurreates, fields medal winners or 2600+ chess players.

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