1. Mike Jones Mike Jones United States says:

    You clearly have never taken a IQ test If you had you would know that No if you don't have a certain level of education the IQ test would say your very dumb. You actually require a broad range of mental gifts and education. This is why autistic children do very very very freakishly well on certain parts of IQ tests but fail poorly on others They simple cannot process the information properly.
    If may humble you to note that Einstein was not particularly bright he actually failed Geometry.
    The list of black inventions is also puzzling as this also has no merit. stupid people invent great things. Like the excuses for white superiority in intellectual thinking for instance.

    • Michael Stewart Michael Stewart United States says:

      The Einstein story is a myth. Einstein was just as smart as you would think he was. There are different kinds of IQ tests:  Raven's progressive matrices, which has visual pattern items, for example.  IQ tests tap into certain kinds of ability, which probably correlate with abilities not tapped into,  and they correlate with all sorts of performance measures, but they are not the entire story of intelligence.

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