1. Dawn Ewers Dawn Ewers United States says:

    So many to go through.

    You do know you don't need a pencil sharpener to print a magazine or newspaper.  You can thank a white person for that-Johannes Gutenberg.

    There were crops before the white man even got here.  Thanks to the Indians and taught many white people to plant.

    Elisha Otis invented the elevator, hence the Otis mark on every elevator.

    There were standards before there were automatics and they get better gas mileage.  You don't need a Super Charge System to make an engine work. When I look up traffic light inventor I get-J. P. Knight.

    Wow, I keep looking up other things and still not coming up with the names you have.  A lot of the stuff I don't even use.  A

    I do believe, given some time, that there will be a way to claim that blacks built the first airplane and steam liner and who knows what else.

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