1. Liz McLachlan Liz McLachlan United States says:

    It looks like someone was paid to write this article - I'm guessing by the same mob that pays people to call naturopaths 'quacks' and those who oppose cancer causing GMO's as 'tree hugging pot smoking hippies'.

    'Blue skin' is NOT a common side effect of collodial silver. Infact it is a very rare side-effect which only results after ingesting gallons of a crude version containing very large particles of the product for a sustained period of time. Im talking years without end - and then tanning in a sauna so that a high amount of UV radiation reacts with the skin and causes it to take on this blue tinge. Infact there have only been a small handful of cases of this taking place out of the multiple millions of people who have safely taken this product for many centuries. The 'blue skin man' story from the US was a pile of hogwash. Anyone who has actually done their research will understand that he did not prepare the collodial silver properly - infact the end product which he ingested was not collodial silver at all. Reputable makers of collodial silver use a very strict process which creates very fine particles which will never turn the skin blue. As for headaches, kidney damage etc? What the! That is utter balony and as usual, the people who are warning the public against this wonderful safe and effective product are the same shills who are pushing their mind bending drugs, radiation and chemo which has been demonstrated without a shadow of a doubt to do more damage to a person that collodial silver ever could, even in the highest of quantities.

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