1. Sam Sam United States says:

    No one is saying that a black person CANT have a high IQ or be intelligent or succeed.

    However, many studies by many different groups, controlling for all other variables but race have shown the same things over and over again:
    East Asians have slightly higher IQs than Whites, Whites have significantly higher IQs than blacks.

    We have been searching for a reason for the relative failure of black people throughout the world. Why do all black countries fail? Why do blacks perform poorly, on average, in academia? Well, think about it: Doesn't it make sense that countries whose average intelligence is 15-30 IQ points lower than other countries would not have enough individuals to become first world?

    If you are black and as intelligent as you say you are, you should be working towards maximizing your fellow blacks potential. I can give you some advice: Blaming whites for all black problems will not do this.

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