1. Kaitlyn Downing Kaitlyn Downing United States says:

    Black Supremacist makes some very valid points, and should definitely be considered regarding American IQ test scores broken down by race. However, what fascinates me is the IQ difference at the international level, which removes the issues (I assume) he discusses.  None of those issues are applicable, and while one can make a case for colonization keeping African IQs lower, it doesn't explain Asian IQs superiority.  In other words, since most of the world was colonized by whites, one would assume the results would favor them. However, this is not the case. So, other factors than environment must be considered.

    On another note: evolution is a fact. The method of evolution (how we evolved) is what is being debated as a theory.  Darwin proposed Natural Selection, while the newer theories look at short bursts of evolutionary change, sometimes over shorter periods of time, IN ADDITION TO Natural Selection.  The fact that humans (and all species) evolved from less complex species is not up for debate. It's not only been observed in the natural world, but recreated in a lab, and if that isn't enough, the extensive fossil record of human skeletons showing each step of our evolution from primates.  Stephen Jay Gould (the Stephen Hawking of evolutionary biology) wrote an excellent, clear, easy to understand article explaining the concept called, "Evolution as Fact and Theory". In this article, he clearly explains the difference and where the confusion lies for some people.  Frankly, ninth grade biology should cover this, but...

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