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    crystal rosett crystal rosett Canada says:

    you need to learn some facts lol. mensa munda case can be taken seriously. GENE EXPRESSION doesn’t go through drastic changes when you get older lol. what happens is you go through puberty and your environment starts to change which can lead to a decrease in iq scores. plus he’s not the only outlier. anthony johnson, etc


    do you ever consider that blacks turn to sports because they see it as economic opportunities? you do know how stereotypes can affect certain people right? they might feel like they have to act a certain way or be a certain way to get approval.

    www.google.ca/.../31-highly-influential-african-american-scientists it’s funny  how you will go through leaps and bounds to try and discredit african achievements lol. you keep bringing up chess but how many blacks are even in the chess league in the first place? if anything it’s even more impressive because statistics show is that blacks come from LESS and are still able to achieve great feats

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