1. Alan Alan Ireland says:

    Ok. Im just randomly passing by this webpage so have no interest or obsession with the subject.

    Quickly, some of my observations would be:

    1). It seems to me that brain size isn't indicative of intelligence. There was a news report some time ago about a man with a degree in mathematics who went for an X-Ray and amazed and startled himself and doctors with the discovery that he had almost no brain and a hollow skull.  If intelligence was related to brain size then  how come Einstein was'nt a freak with a brain the size of a house. Einstein was'nt 6 foot 10 with a 250 pound brain. Nobody would point and laugh at his huge head. However his brain did work efficiently.
    Then of course we have gifted children whos brains are smaller than those of fully grown adults yet who can find the prime number solutions of really difficult problems.

    2.) People should'nt be using the question of racial intelligence to engage in triumphalism whatever the result. Triumphalism is childish and not intelligent.

    3.) I would not be of the opinion that intelligence or superior athleticism happens accidentally. What is random is whether or not it is exploited to the advantage of humanity but theres no way if I had better parents  or a wealthier upbringing that I would be able to find out whether 998989322344 is a prime number without a pencil and  a piece of paper. Middle class families often have a kid who does well in school plus a kid who does poorly so whats thew difference if its not something innante ? You can give a pencil to a 5 year old. One will draw a masterpiece and the other like myself will draw a stickman. We cant all be Einsteins of Van Goghs however apart from those who are innately psychpoathic, we can be educated with the ethic to respect and care for each other.'

    • Lizzie Lizzie United States says:

      I would hope you wouldn't need a piece of paper to know that 998989322344 is not a prime number, because even numbers other than 2 can not be prime.

    • persephone persephone United States says:

      Going back to the article/general discussion of race and IQ, I wanted to bring up another point and ask if you guys realized that there are inherently MAJOR problems with sample size and standard deviation considering there are billions of any given race. You are not polling a country but an entire race.... Sample size is a well-known MAJOR starting-point issue with any study - ask any statician or researcher or look it up.

      Further, if there is some truth to this as a general rule I'd look to environmental factors and diet. Third world societies can NOT be judged in the same light and given the same IQ tests.

    • Xzanaith B Xzanaith B United States says:

      I.Q. has to do with how the brain is configured as well as size.

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