1. Richard Richard United Kingdom says:

    Chris, not quite accurate to say that blacks didn't invade or enslave. The Bushmen of Southern Africa were ethnically cleansed and their lands taken away (they left evidence of  their decimation by blacks on their caves, whom they depicted as black, as opposed to their being brown). Also, starting long before the Trans-Atlantic slave-trade, the barbary pirates (Corsairs) launched continual attacks against Europe to capture slaves. Estimates are that more than a million Europeans were captured by Africans in this way. That is why France colonised Algeria, to stop the practice. In fact, I see you are from the USA: as far as I know, the first war your country fought after independence was against the African barbary pirates. Within Africa, there is a continual history of warfare and destruction and eradication of various tribes by others. The only difference is that Europe was able to project its power because they had boats to get them across the waters, but I think you are likely to find that a comparative scale would put Africans right up there. However, we are still living the post-colonial narrative of good blacks, bad whites, so this sort of thing, although freely available to read, is simply not interesting to ideologues.

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