1. BsSo Hamal BsSo Hamal Australia says:

    I suffered from chronic Migrane (symptomatic > 2yrs) without any significant cause. Always feeling sleepy and lethargic. Feels like a piece of paper (folder)  is on top of my head. Never felt fresh.  At one stage it was so bad that i was in constant virtigo, nauseaus and was  vomiting. When i lay flat the world around me was spinning like anything. Headache was so severe and it was nearly a medical emergency.
    Went to see doctor in many times.

    Doctor advised becoz of Stressful work and i should quit that job. And my migrane would go away. Quit the job, a bit of relief but migrane didnt go away.

    Started to learn living with migrane.
    Didnt help.
    Went to see another doctor and asked him to do vit D assessment. Liver function test was carried out. A slight increase of few liver enzymes (bilirubin,  alt, ast) others were normal including vit d and thyroxine.
    Cranial vessels MRI shows no complications.
    But migrane was there.
    Doctor advised to give up alcohol.
    I gave up not just alcohol but, fats, cheese, dairy products, fatty meats etc.
    Helped for a while but migrane didnt go away.
    I tried to pinpoint the food. But its not possible.
    Doctor advised me to start anti migrane drugs (triptans)
    I didnt start drygs rather started to find the cause of my migrane.
    My findings :
    H1/D2/ 5HT3 responsible for nausea, vomiting and virtigo
    Drugs target D2 Or 5HT3 receptors while H1 is often overlooked.

    Remember i am always hypotensive 105/55 around.
    Allergic (type 1 and type iii)
    Otherwise normal and healthy.

    The chronic Histamine release in my body is responsible for headache, lethargy, nacrolepsy , virtigo and also early symptoms of  rheumatoid arthritis .
    Ifear if i let it go like this it will start other auto immune disorders too.

    Started OTC loratidine (antihistamine ) once a day.

    No sleep apnea, no lethargy,  no migrane , no arthritis

    Antihistamines a promising result.
    More research needs to be carried out rather prescribing D2 antagonist or serotonin antagonist 😊
    Just my thought 😊😊😊

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