1. Cookie Monsta Cookie Monsta United States says:

    This entire chain is truly disheartening! The reason humanity will end up exhausting the worlds resources & killing ourselves off when the repercussions of doing so are obvious is because we simply haven't evolved enough emotionally to work together! To put aside our insecurities & fears & embrace the idea that happiness doesn't come from anything one can purchase or take from others but from within.

    I've known a few people who would never be accused of being a genius but still they accomplished great things & exceeded all expectations. I've watched one of the smartest & most talented people to ever cross my path kill herself slowly from drug addiction. It doesn't matter who is smarter or stronger or better...those are sad little warm & fuzzy's for us to cling to! The only things that matter are love, happiness & community & no matter what the IQ test results say...anyone disputing that  fact is missing the forest thru the trees!

    What horrible things people of all races, IQ's, educations & backgrounds have said to one another in this thread! I can't understand how anyone could say some of these things to another person! How anyone could truly believe there is anything uplifting to be found by putting down others? How can we claim to be the evolved or enlightened inhabitants of this planet when we are the only ones destroying it & fighting wars amongst ourselves? All around us animals with much lower IQ's live in harmony with one another & their surroundings! IQ's have steadily risen throughout our existence but humankind is reportedly more depressed than ever.

    Its a sad display of intelligence to use it in attacking others when only embracing, accepting & helping them will bring us joy! I'm more buddhist than christian but I do appreciate christ's message & I don't recall him judging anyone...let alone measuring their worth based on the speed their neurons fire or their score on some test!

    May we all find peace & a place where these discussions no longer have legs. May the ideal that anyone is better than another be relegated to the history books & may it truly confuse our children's children how we could live so blindly for so long

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