1. M Khan M Khan United States says:

    Vitamin D deficiency is common among black skin even in tropics. It is worse in fully covered religious women. Brain development is abnormal and disorganized with Vitamin D deficiency. In black women in USA (northern latitudes) the amount of vitamin D reaching the developing fetal brain is close to Zero. Animal models (rats)show large brains large ventricles. Behavior in vitamin d deprived rats is abnormal showing erratic behavior suggestive of attention deficit.
    There are other factors as well and genetics may play a role. Fish oil( East Asians) and teaching of eastern languages in Chinese characters is also a factor according to research.

    So want to have intelligent children? (google it there are some good websites) Try the following. 4000 IU of vitamin D daily and make sure your vitamin D levels are normal before getting pregnant. Eat oily fish like salmon 2 to 3 times a week. Take omega 3 fish oil. Eat Almonds walnuts, ots of green vegetables and B vitamins.

    For rest of you please stop fighting do something constructive like informing colored people to load up on vitamin D.

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