1. RightofRush RightofRush United States says:

    Mr. Katanga, I'm sure that you are aware of the infrastructure and civil service legacy of the White colonial powers as well as the value of European technology.  It would have been nice for you to have acknowledged so.

    • Quotexon Quotexon United States says:

      RightofRush, you must be kidding if you are suggesting that Africans harbor a sentiment of gratitude toward colonial whites for their "contributions". First off, any infrastructure that was developed, was done so for the increased dominance and comfort of the white colonials. Why do you think that it is impossible to find white South Africans citizens living in the dilapidated slums that native Africans were displaced to. This is analogous to how European colonists arrived in America and displaced Native Americans. Given that prior to European invasion, Native Americans were plentiful in numbers, I'd say that your "infrastructure and civil service", has all but crippled the native populace. But hey, whites never intended to develop the land for anyone other than their own greedy selves.

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