1. Mar Mar Germany says:

    "studies have proven that the virus is naturally evolved" show us these studies then. there are none. just one nature article written a couple of weeks after the outbreak, badly researched 2 pages and even there they mention the suspicious furin cleavage site which is missing in all similar viruses of that family.
    "scientists cannot just simply attach a functional cleavage site to a virus in this manner.  " that is a clear lie. Inserting furin cleavage sites in gain of function experiments is the bread and butter work for most virologists. There are so many peer reviewed studies out there you would think this is common knowledge but apparently as soon as sars-cov-2 is mentioned virologist forget all about it. the wuhan lab did a 2015 study where they inserted furin cleavage sites in a coronaviruse (a nother coronavirus) in a gain of function experiment. the study is published and easy to find online. the only difference here is that sars-cov-2 is a chimera (there is a published study that confirms it's a chimera) based on a pangolin coronavirus which the chinese found many years ago but only told the world about it after the outbreak of sars-cov-2. now if you think the chinese didn't tell anyone they found a new coronavirus because they used them in there military gain of function experiments at the wuhan institute then you are clearly a conspiracy guy right? PS and that they had an unexplained 2 week shutdown at the wuhan lab in october 2019 (that phone data revealed) the exact date the virus has been calculated to have started to gather mutations (jumped into humans) is also not noteworthy.. lets just hope the 2014 ban on gain of function experiments that obama ordered will not be repeated. lots of virologists lost their jobs back then and so it's clear for all virologists that this corona virus is not a lab made gain of function experiment done by the chinese in wuhan.. that's an evil conspiracy.

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