1. Hugh Cipher Hugh Cipher United States says:

    By the way what are you even talking about?
    Who said anything about fairness?

    I called my self giving you a handicap because I assumed English was your 2nd language & you simply have trouble expressing your self accurately but obviously you really cant recognize where your argument is weak & or unable to over come the severe confirmation bias you suffer from...more than likely both.

    Have you even looked at the epigenetics link?

    From previous comments its clear your understanding of how genetics & genetic testing works is lacking
    Your comments on the African dna found in Egyptian mummies was hysterical
    You actually think professional geneticist cant tell an allelle thats 2000 yrs old from one thats 70 k years old?

    Your constant comparing simple traits like hair color & skin color to the highly complicated genetic & enviromental dynamics that give rise to cognitive ability shows you have an extreme layman's knowledge of genetics and a very simple understanding of it

    Im a little flustered at the fact you seem unwilling to educate your self. Even if its just watching a 15min video

    Im amused you'd even intertain the thought you were conveying something I couldn't understand
    Your argument is utterly simple minded.

    You are a bit comical

    I truly must bid you a final adieu

    I do thank you for discussing this topic inspite our inability to reach a common understanding

    Enjoy attempting to extrapolate those chess scores onto your own intellect

    • Javier Perez Javier Perez Bolivia says:

      Blah blah blah, and you refuse to comment, ¿how come there are black athletes getting to the top notch in sports far more elitist than Science or Chess, yet in the less elitist fields they have ZERO people at the very top- level?

      How come a race can be unbeatable in some athletics competitions that would also involve complex differences, and, what a coincidence, it shows the exact oppose scenario in exact sciences or Chess?

      Are you aware that the 'politically correct' BS is more likely to block research showing the race-intelligence difference (like the one of this article you comment or the twin cases researched) than to promote it?

      • Mike Jones Mike Jones United States says:

        Three time Nobel nominated anthropologist Philip Tobias (1970) compared 7 racial and national groups in a study on brain size/weight in which it was reported that the brain size of American blacks was larger than any white group (including American, English and French whites) except those from the Swedish sub sample who had the largest brains of any sample in the study. It was also estimated that American blacks had some 200 million more neurons than American whites, and brains that were reported to be 54g heavier (See Tobias 1970; Weizmann et al. 1990). While Harvard archeologist Gould (1981, 1996) discovered upon recalculating Morton’s highly suspicious brain size data that the blacks in his sample were on average slightly larger in brain volume than whites. Morton included in his sample of blacks more females than he included in the white sample. For example, in his analysis of Hottentotts (black tribe from South Africa) all measured crania were of females; the Englishmen were all mature men. Morton had also eliminated especially large brains from the African group and especially small brains from the European group (Gould, 1981, 1996). After correcting these biases and errors, it was shown that the black sample actually had larger brains than did the white sample (ibid).

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