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  1. Michael Czajka Michael Czajka Australia says:

    I've been using this flush free form of niacin (500 mg) for years... and get excellent results from it. It helps control things like cholesterol, FFA's, homocysteine, blood glucose, increase circulation, increase metabolism and control blood pressure. While it is rare to flush when taking 500 mg or more... it is possible... but the flush is very mild: Generally you can't see it but you can feel it.

    Most people won't take the fast release niacin and the slow release (usually in a wax) niacin often releases too quickly so you still get the flush. Thus most people won't take the slow release niacin either.

    This form is a good compromise and I've had a lot of success with it. What is surprising is that the literature isn't as positive. Some of the ambiguity in the literature may be down to which parameters are being measured, how much was given... and the confounding effects of other medications given with niacin.

    In my case my blood results are all in the excellent range... and I attribute the bulk of it to this form of niacin. Also checked my mums results before and her cholesterol and blood sugars all moved into the normal range after taking this form of niacin. It also helps keep her BP low.

    I'm sure the other forms of niacin also work just as well... but very few people are willing to take them: The vitamin you are willing to take is better than the one you're not willing to take?

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