1. Henry Stoneking Henry Stoneking United States says:

    Is always asking white scientists to come and help them design anything, such as trains.  They steal intellectual property.  No asian country is known for creativity, which Whites seem to have a stranglehold on.  Asians have small brains.  Women have small brains which also shows how, when they act irrationally, we should accept them as being a smaller brained creature.  Handling stress seems to be a weakness for the small brained races, and women.  They just lose control of their emotions, and lash out at others.  White brains are so much larger than any other race, to state that Asians have the biggest brains is simply more antiwhite racism, and people being scared of the truth.  Inventions are all white people/men.  The best writers.  The best musicians.  The best athletes.  There is no comparison.  But this does not mean that all other races have no value; they merely have smaller brains.

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