1. Richard Richard United Kingdom says:

    Your use of the word "try" (as in "nice try") is somewhat aggressive. Never mind, you no doubt have reasons for that behaviour. You are viewing the history of the world as a black person living within a white context. If you lived in a black context, you would see things rather differently. For example, if you visit Ulundi in South Africa, the residence of Shaka, king of the Zulus, you will find that he aggressively conquered and annihilated surrounding tribes, enslaving them, and totally assimilating them. Thousands of people fled this event (called the Mfecane in the Nguni language) and fled... to whites for protection. In fact, so many fled to the early white settlements that the Zulu kings became hostile to them. Before that, over the course of many thousands of years, negroid Africans overpopulated the Great Lakes region, and pushed southward, overwhelming all the indigenous peoples of the south, who were distinct ethnic groups. Blacks are no more indigenous to most of southern Africa than whites, they simply usurped the original inhabitants sooner, and more completely.

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