1. Pier Pier Australia says:

    This research doesn't appear to consider social or economical factors relating to racial differences in intelligence.
    Marginalised groups and those of a poor social economic background would be expexted to achieve to a lower IQ than a priveligded racial group in society.
    It should not be shocking to hear that blacks performed to a signicantly lower standard if they are tested in a continent ravaged by disease, malnutrition and civil war. Likewise in America a certain level of predudice still exists towards black americans that may effect level of education recieved.
    Because despite these test being 'equal footing' for all who take them the truth of the matter is one does require a certain level of education if they are to do well. For those with a limited education these questions and concepts may be very unfamiliar.
    Also if children tested aged 3 were supposed to be the control group i think their grades should be disregarded. It is not stated were these groups of children came from an the events surrounded them at the time they were tested. A number of environmental factors may have effected their level of developement.
    And finally i also do not believe brain size is of any significance. Their is huge variation between the sizes of men and womens brains yet any evidence stated men with the larger heavier brain are more intelligent then women has been disproved and tossed out of scientific debate. I beleive the same principle should be applied to variation of brain size between asians, whites and blacks.

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