1. Stephen White Stephen White United States says:

    I spent several hours reading the original article and all 192 posts here as I thought it was rather interesting. I almost made it to the end without encountering blatant anti-semitism but the last two posts sneaked in there. It's interesting, Ashkenazi Jews comprise about 1/5 of 1% of the world's population yet they get blamed by anti-semites for either controlling the world or causing all the ills of the world. Jews, again about 1/5 of 1% of the world's population, received almost a third of the Nobel prizes in recent times and are highly overrepresented for their numbers in fields of science, math, medicine, law, literature, and the arts. Interestingly, the higher average IQ score of Ashkenazi Jews is reflected mainly in the verbal/reasoning abilities; the visuospatial abilities are about average--that's where the East Asians excel. But to raise the average Jewish IQ about 13 points above average means that that portion of their abilities is probably close to double that above average, since the test combines both verbal/reasoning and visuospatial components. Visuospatial abilities are important in pursuits like engineering and architecture but for mathematics, except for certain fields like topology, it is the reasoning component that is the most important. Perhaps this is why Western countries have led the world in technological innovation and mathematics in recent times, even dating back to the Greeks and Romans--this slight edge that whites have over Asians in verbal/reasoning ability, especially since the last couple hundred years of Jewish emergence, may be what drives the innovation process. Of course when it comes to manufacturing the visuospatial ability of Asians would come into play. It takes only a fraction of one percent of the population with the highest ability to create the design innovation for the rest of the world, and the higher the average IQ of a population, the higher, exponentially, is the number of geniuses in that population. On another note, I don't know where the information for lower testosterone increasing academic ability comes from but my understanding is that just the opposite is true; higher testosterone levels increases visuospatial ability, and men on average have greater visuospatial ability than women.

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