1. Rueben Rueben South Africa says:

    Our planet is already overpopulated...homosexuality is nature's way of preventing this...homosexuality is Not abnormal....what is abnormal is the amount of people on this planet and how everything from climate to resources are taking strain because of it...Reproductive rights should be taken away from 50% of heterosexuals who are not fit to be parents and feel that it is there god given right to reproduce hence overpopulating this planet.The truth is... there are just not enough homosexuals....think about it!

    • roy roy India says:

      This is a unique view!

    • Tabby Tabby United Kingdom says:

      I absolutely agree, I am bisexual myself, and have chosen to have a child with my partner, but I see SO many other parents who don't really want their kids, and treat them like dirt. It is heartbreaking.

      We have raised our son to know that homosexuality and bisexuality and heterosexuality are all normal and acceptable, with the hopes that he will grow up healthy, open minded and able to realise his sexuality when he comes of age.

      It is nice to know that nature shows homosexuality occurs, but its a bout time humans learned to get on with it, if it isn't hurting anybody, what exactly is the problem with anybody's lifestyle, sexuality, gender, ethnicity, age.... The list goes on, we are all people, made of flesh and bones like each other.

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