1. Hugh Cipher Hugh Cipher United States says:

    I wrote this response before but it never appeared but I will write it again. Egypt, Nubia Axum & Kush in east Africa were some of the 1st & most complex civilizations on the planet. Egyptians built step pyramids like the Mayans then advanced to smooth sided pyramids which are far more difficult to build. Nubia excelled in Pyramid building as well all this long before the Mayans were thought of. In west Africa Timbuktu was a center for high learning & famous for this even in Europe. You have little to no knowledge of accurate Black or African history so you cant say what examples Blacks have of an "excelante" what I do no is African immigrants have the highest % of degress of any ethnic group. & this is a thread about innate IQ ability. You cant avoid my question by simply stating your only talking about Nobel Laureates. The very fact you allude to this indicates IQ is at the heart of your statement & you are indicating that Blacks inherently stupider than Hispanics & truthfully im mentally sparing with you with the proverbial hand tied behind my back. You are unable or unwilling to grip psycho social concepts & do not understand Black Africans are the original homo sapiens sapiens & humans haven't speciated to the point we would posses different mental potentials. All IQ scores fall along social enviromental lines. It just happens due to racism & other economic disparities IQ corresponds to race & economic status. Whites seeking to justify their position look to identify some natural genetic origin for this disparity that falls along racial lines. This type of gene distribution does not exist. Were there are genes that correlate with lower IQ these genes are not found in higher %'s amongst Blacks, Hispanics or other low IQ scoring groups. So in ending since you apparently believe Blacks are less intelligent than Hispanics due to genetics do you believe Hispanics are less intelligent than Whites due to genetics?  Simple question because the Nobel Laureates you harp on haven't effected your 88 mean IQ score & I have & can point to bbrilliant Black scientist who work for Nasa & other feilds of science who have done so inspite of the systemic racism that is far more extreme than youre European Spanish, South American nobel prize winners have ever suffered. Economic hardships do not equate to economic hardships plus systemic racism. Your very post is an example of the attitudes Blacks must face daily. Im argueing with I guy I know im obviously smarter than that thinks his people are inherently smarter than mine. This is ridiculous. People avoid studying data that didagrees with thier world view. If you truly seek answers to this IQ phenomenon I suggest you read "The new jim crow" & study about the psychological effects of racism on IQ just to try to get a more balanced view.....again simply answer my question & you need not hear from me again. I simply want to hear what you have to say on the matter

    • Javier Perez Javier Perez Bolivia says:

      AGAIN What part of "I'm not talking about IQ, but about SCIENTIFIC NOBEL LAUREATES or winners of FIELDS MEDAL."  do you still fail to understand?

      What about Physics or Chemistry Nobel laureates? About Fields medal laufreates?

      How can 'environment' be the only excuse, when you can find laureates from very poor backgrounds and that suffered harsh conditions or even persecutions?

      Of the MILLIONS of middle-class or wealthy black kids in past decades, failed to produce ONE scientific Nobel laureate or Fields medalist, and you still say environment is the only possible cause?

      And you never answered, why would nature have to be 'fair'?

      If nature is unfair (predators kill other animals, naturally gifted athletes that can become superstars with proper training, people more handsome than others from birth), why would top-notch mental abstraction capability would be the exception? whern will you explain it?

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