1. Stein Arild Strømme Stein Arild Strømme Norway says:

    Time has passed since the original post, and luckily there are now counterexamples to the first sentence, me among them.  I was diagnosed with GBM and had it surgically removed in November 2009, and subsequently received my full radiation dose of 60 Gy at the same time as I was given Temodal.  The Temodal treatment lasted for about 7 months.  I have survived more than three years now, and intend to stay alive for several more years, God willing.  My hospital (Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, Norway) takes new control NMR images every three months, as long as I'm alive Smile  
    I'm writing a blog (in Norwegian) at http://rapporterfrasteinarild.blogspot.com with the full story, although these days the blog is only updated after each control scan.

    My deepest sympathy to those less fortunate than myself, and to the people close to them.

    • Susan Williams Susan Williams United States says:

      Sure wish I could read your blog&share in English. My Dad has GBM diagnosed 5 months ago. Chemo pills&radiation.He just had MRI and shows its growing again..so a port put in yesterday to give chemo straight to the spot.He is still working but weak.working on Cancer fighting diet.thank you for sharing your journeySmile very encouraging.

      • Susan Carroll Susan Carroll United States says:

        My son was diagnosed with GBM In early Jan 2013, he is only 33 and raising a 3 year old daughter on his own, they have him on the kemo pills and I wondered why and I was told that with regular kemo the brain tissue will not absorb it where as the pill have more of a time release to let more enter the brain, have you ever herd this.. He has been taking them since January without one side effect.

    • Rick Robbins Rick Robbins Canada says:

      It is always nice to hear another success story. I too am a GBM4 brain cancer warrior.  I have been living with this cancer for 4 years (Oct 2009) and I am looking forward to many more.   I had a 2nd surgery after 3 years Oct 2012) and two more tumours were removed. I have met a gentleman who is now in his 19th year and doing well.  I am looking forward to my next 15 years "Living with Cancer and Not just Dieing from it."

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