1. Tshim Tshim United States says:

    If you have any knowledge about studies, you will know this study is very flawed. It does not take into account many factors. Such as cultural and environmental issues. This study and many of you arguing I believe do not realize the difference between genetic IQ and actual IQ. Genetic IQ is the range of IQ you are able to achieve, which is dependant on your genetics. Actual IQ is the IQ you currently have due to the education, environmental, and cultural factors of your life. So to summarize that for you, because I think many of you are too dumb to understand. That we all have a range of Iq we can achieve for example 110-130, now if you live in well developed environment with great education its very possible you can achieve a 130 IQ. On the other hand if you life in a culture that is not nurturing to Intelligence you will almost certainly be at the bottom of that scale at 110. This is what im trying to point out. That this study did not take this proven factor in to account. If you do not take factors like this into account, you can not make conclusions like this study did.

    • burford burford United States says:

      This fellow "thinks" that "...."many of you are too dumb to understand."

      How smart does one have to be to say such a magnificently ignorant thing?

    • Valris Valris United States says:

      IMHO culture and environment shouldn't be too much of an issue. Why? Simply because if you look at it from another perspective, culture and environment also involves intelligence. Culture (of all races) did not appear from nowhere. It was thought of by people (in the past) and in some cases, through trial and error that they found the ideal way of life they wanted and incorporated it into their lives. Their ways of life were then passed on generations after generations and eventually this became their culture. A culture is ever changing, even today. So, if you were to argue that certain people have higher iq because of their culture, then my question is, why didn't another group of people (who have lower iq supposedly due to their culture) come up with a culture that would allow them to have higher iq/ to prosper? Why did they decide to stick on with their culture that you seem to be indirectly saying, is hindering them from attaining high iq? Is it because they/ their ancestors weren't intelligent enough to realise the flaws in their culture? It most likely seems so (I'm assuming that everyone acts in self interest and so you wouldn't find people contented with a flawed culture.) Hence if you were to blame it on culture, it just reinforces that certain groups of people are more intelligent to have come up with a better culture.

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