1. Ken Brown Ken Brown Australia says:

    You are using a white man's invention to speak a white man's language on a website created by a white man. You stupid Black man (see above).

    • Mike Jones Mike Jones United States says:

      The language you are speaking is English well actually it's German Latin with dashes of Arabic actually the number system you are using and that was used to invent the computer was Arabic as well. They invented the very basis of the math you use today. Further more the technology of Black scholars was why every civilization sent their most learned to Africa to study from the great libraries and mountains of knowledge. This was of course burned by a group of white conquerers. We do know there are primitive batteries form people who were primarily black. There were also many black healers and medic throughout history.
      Lets be clear There are no black people I wonder how this study was conducted as all the people in most of the known world are mixed race. Trying to classify race and intelligence is always complicated because it depends on the very question of what is intelligence anyway. Further more If were doing race studies a Jewish Scientist made a similar discovery and not unlike this discovery She put Jews at the top of the IQ curve. It seems clear that while there is a correlation between genetics and intelligence. There is no reliable data that can show a causation.

      • Theresa Tenors Theresa Tenors United States says:

        Funny.  No black recipients of Nobel prizes for medicine or science - even though US taxpayers have spent $20 trillion plus on blacks the last 50 years.  Before the Europeans navigated to Africa in the 1500's no African knew what a wheel was, no African language was written (so how could they have had these libraries) there was no African agriculture or domestication of animals.  The Arabs you refer to who contributed to today's numbering system and math had DNA closer to Europeans than Africans.

        Africans contribution to the world is they are destroyers.  Not builders, inventors or thinkers.

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