Chemical Reaction Monitoring with Easy ‘On-The-Fly’ NMR Spectroscopy

Seminar Overview

NMR is becoming an increasingly important tool for the monitoring of chemical reactions. Utilization of the inherent structural and quantitative information delivered via NMR spectroscopy can provide detailed mechanistic insights and increase process understanding.

Implementation of online reaction monitoring by NMR has been held back by tedious experiment set up and the need for manual or off-line data processing and analysis.

We now have a solution: InsightMR, an innovative program that brings real-time monitoring of chemical reactions by NMR to your lab, with integrated acquisition control and automatic data processing and analysis.


InsightMR offers integrated acquisition control and data analysis features delivering on-the fly acquisition parameter adjustment based on real-time kinetic data.



Brian Marquez, Ph.D. - Principal Scientist - Bruker Biospin

Anna Codina, Ph.D. - Head of field applications AIC - Bruker Biospin

What you will discover

This educational webinar will provide a broad overview of insightMR, highlighting key features and showing a typical workflow for a model reaction. Please join Brian Marquez, Ph.D. and Anna Codina, Ph.D. as they demonstrate how fast and straightforward it is to get to the answer with insightMR!

Who should attend?

Managers, scientists and technicians who are involved in the disciplines of synthetic organic chemistry and process development, both in academic and industrial settings, including: 

  • Process chemists
  • Analytical chemists
  • Synthetic organic chemists
  • Chemical engineers
  • Chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences students
  • Regulatory agencies

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